Through the Black Hole
XXX-X-XXXXX-XXX-XBy the year 2509, civilization has been reduced to a hostile and revolting level. The world’s population has exceeded 30 billion people and global warming has rendered almost all of the southern portion of the world uninhabitable. Technology has become so advanced that human interaction is severely limited and nearly everyone is dependent on super computers and robots to complete their daily tasks. Countries have merged together to create large, state-of-the-art societies and each country struggles to prove to the rest of the world that they are the most advanced and powerful. Hatred and envy plagues humanity and as such, the plunge into a great world war. However, unlike previous world wars, this war carries the strongest and most advanced nuclear weapons that the world has ever seen. These weapons effectively manage to obliterate well over 99% of the world’s population along with nearly all the technology, resources, vegetation, and life forms within the northern half of the world.
Fast forward 500 years and humans are living in a society that has learned from their mistakes. Within this society, the crime rate is almost nonexistent, the world is no longer overpopulated, and humans are living in almost a Utopian society. However, there is just one problem that plagues this supposedly “new and improved” society: a small handful of existing scientists have found that the Earth is cooling, and very rapidly. With a limited amount of resources, scientists, and technology at their disposal, these people must find a way to reverse the climate change before Earth meets a frozen fate.
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