The Magician and the Engineer

by Michael Stone
We all seek happiness in life, elusive as it might be sometimes. But what if the answer to happiness lay within us?
James is a disheartened resident of London. Even while surrounded by millions of people, he finds himself alone and isolated from society, trapped in a stagnant reality without direction or meaning. When he embarks on a trip to Edinburgh for a few days, he finds himself bound on a strange adventure that transforms his thoughts. With the help of new friends, he finds the strength to face the questions that have left his mind crippled for the last few years. Only through rediscovering his own mind can he solve the puzzles within it.
For many of us, the mind is the last thing we think about. Meanwhile, we wonder why we are so vulnerable to the chaos of life. What if the first step to happiness was understanding your own mind?
Wouldn’t you want to get started?
ISBN: 978-1-64307-089-6
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Categories:Fiction, Science Fiction