Straight as an Arrow

by Adreama Eden

Nothing is more important to Amelia Cox than her faith. As she enters puberty, she vows to remain a virgin and not share herself with another man until her wedding day. So begins the journey as she searches for her happily ever after.

Amelia grows into a beautiful, desirable woman and finally catches the eye of Gabriel, the man she’s loved since they were kids in Sunday school. Amelia must now reconcile her budding sexuality and her desire to remain faithful to herself. Will she be able to remain committed to her vow when the raging 1960s culture around her screams otherwise?

Along her journey, Amelia learns patience, forgiveness, perseverance, and ultimately love. In Straight as an Arrow, the bedroom door is thrown open wide to reveal what really takes place in the marriage bed of the faithful. 

ISBN: 978-1-64543-561-7

sku: 08-715-01