The Calm Before the Storm

After the sudden passing of her husband, Charlie Jenkins has found it hard to go about living life with the same kind of fire and tenacity she had before. Her two kids, Ryan and Skylar, are stuck in the same rut. Together, they’ve barely gotten through each day, and the idea of “normal” is starting to seem impossible: that is, until one night when Charlie’s friends take her out on the town. Charlie’s world is turned upside down when she meets Genuine Storm, a horse that seems to be going through a rough patch similar to her own. As Charlie rediscovers her lifelong dream to race a horse in the Kentucky Derby, she must combat the feelings that come with moving on from the startling loss of her husband, as well as those surrounding the intriguing man helping her with her horse. With her friends and family around her, she relearns how to live life to the fullest, and possibly achieve her dreams.
SKU: 08-162-01
Categories:Thriller and Suspense