Holy Rollers

by James Wallace

Max Azure, a professional golfer working for the Rolling Greens Golf Club, enjoys his life with a Zen philosophy and a keen sense of humor. He spends his days giving golf lessons, training aikido, matching wits with his best friend Mitch Treasure, and attempting to qualify for the upcoming U.S. Open. But all that changes when one of his regulars, Pastor Puttnam, is found dead on the thirteenth green; the police declare it an accident, but Max isn’t convinced. As more members of the local clergy are found dead, Max and Mitch team up to try and catch the culprit, but will they be able to find out who is behind the murders before another member of their community is lost? Holy Rollers combines dark suspense, psychology, and humor in this ace of a novel that will leave you guessing from tee time through the back nine.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-488-7

Categories:Thriller and Suspense