The Drink Selection; With Something To Nibble On

by N.S. Shankar

“Frowning without any evident emotion,

she wipes the barrel of the gun on

his shirt And sets down her

wine glass next to his

arm, liquid still


“He might as well take his last stroll. Murder is not

uncommon, for this is the business of the Whiskey Express.”


“It’s a fog similar to cigarette smoke. A stench similar to

alcohol. A taste similar to poison.”



Welcome to the bar, I do hope you enjoy the ambiance. It will

have everything from the welcomes till closing time. So, set your

affairs in order, take a seat, play the game, and wait around long

enough to see whether you might emerge victorious. The ice

cubes like dice. The glass is their game board.


Now, roll. 

ISBN: 978-1-64543-046-9

sku: 08-593-01