Utopia Reimagined: An Allegory of Capital and Conscience

by James G. Jones
The search for a perfect world begins …
The oppressive life of an eighteenth-century French peasant is not enough for young, ambitious Alexandre Brunet.
Aided by a charismatic priest and inspired by the rebellion of the common man in America, he risks everything in a tragic failed attempt to achieve the dream of freedom for people and free markets—a perfect world.
Forced to flee with his sister, Pauline, they stumble through a mysterious cave into a paradise beyond their previous understanding.
At first glance, the city of Santosa is everything they could have imagined. There is no poverty or exploitation, and everyone is rewarded according to their contribution to society.
But life in Santosa comes with a price that eventually drives the pair back into the unknown.
When they emerge, they find themselves in yet another place unlike any they’ve ever seen—modern-day New York City. In the gleaming metropolis of Western capitalism and democracy, they find wealth, power, and a system in which everyone can succeed.
It’s the perfect world. Or is it? And where does God fit in?
In the tradition of Ayn Rand and C. S. Lewis, Utopia Reimagined is a powerful, thought-provoking journey that asks the big questions and challenges the economic, political, and religious status quo.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-539-2

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