Acts of Grace

by Sydney Walters
A single flame burns golden, but a sweeping fire burns red. One brings light and warmth, the other brings destruction and terror. Fire waits to be disobeyed, and then it takes what, or who, it wants . . . but not anymore.
It is the summer of 1980, and Grace works as an apprentice to her good friend, Mr. Duncan, in Philadelphia. Each day, Grace reaches within herself to conjure up something worth writing, worth reading, and worthy of her hot-blooded publisher, Mr. Winger. Soon, the days blur together . . . until Grace discovers a newspaper article that sparks her fire.
Inspired by chance, Grace takes action against her hometown of Centralia, Pennsylvania, and decides to write a tell-all exposé about the now-ghost town’s twisted past. Enlisting the help of the widespread media a city has to offer, Grace soon finds her words spreading, and fast.
Will the acts of Grace bring justice to her family? Or will it all crumble into the fire that burns below? Join Grace, Joseph, and her new friends as they help her spread the word about Centralia’s dark history, while facing the demons she has spent so long running from.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-290-2
SKU: 18-959-01
Categories:Fiction, Teen/Young Adult