Defending the Title

by Mary Jantz

In a small farm town in Texas that is all about high school baseball, Cal Bridger—the newest freshman at Freemont High School—must try to push his doubts aside and step up to the plate if he wants to make history. Can he fill the shoes of his two older brothers? Can he live up to the legacy of his family and defend the State Championship? More importantly, does he believe he can do it? Cal knows what it takes to be a good baseball player—after all, his dad was a former minor league star and the town’s beloved baseball coach—but does he really have what it takes to be a great one? Defending the Title is the ultimate underdog story, a true-to-life novel of the many challenges teens often face: the pressure of sports, the lessons of bullying, and the strength of family.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-314-5

sku: 14-3042-01