The Hagen Family Secret

by K. M. Roberson   This secret will change everything... After their parents abruptly move their family yet again, high school seniors and twin sisters Greer and Darcy Hagen are adjusting to their new lives in Plano, Texas. Slightly rebellious and highly perceptive, Darcy believes their parents are running away from something. When Darcy senses a strange connection to two mysterious and instantly popular new students, Lorcan and Kieran Smith, she convinces Greer, the quintessential good girl, to keep their arrival a secret from their parents. Reluctantly, Greer agrees, but when she begins to date all-around good guy Liam Alexander, she becomes the target of the beautiful and conniving Kieran, who wants him for herself. Things are further complicated when the devilishly charming Lorcan begins to show interest in Greer and the sisters uncover clues linking the Hagens and the Smiths in an unforeseeable way, unearthing a family secret Greer and Darcy’s parents had tried desperately to keep hidden.     ISBN: 978-1-63177-289-4
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Categories:Teen/Young Adult