American Teacher

by Douglas Graney

American Teacher details Doug Graney’s journey to becoming a celebrated teacher at Herndon High School. Following a career packed with political and historical field trips, holding government officials accountable including Colin Powell, Sandra Day O’Connor and many members of congress, generating spirited debate, and creating the largest congressional intern placement program in the country, American Teacher is the story of a man dedicated to his students and their education, no matter what.

“A great book by a truly remarkable teacher.”

– Kyle O’Connor, Former Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama

“Pick up American Teacher and marvel at what Doug and his students accomplished in and out of the classroom.”

– Frank Wolf, Former Member of Congress 10th District, Virginia

“Doug has continued to set the standard for exciting teaching and memorable experiences for his students.”

– Mark Herring, Virginia Attorney-General

sku: 08-302-01