Dads Know Best

by John Luzzi & Don Miggs

Congratulations! We bet you haven’t heard that before. Everyone’s probably been congratulating you for a while now. After all, you’re getting to meet a person you helped make. That’s exciting, but it’s also shit-your-pants terrifying. Before, you were only responsible for finding the best deal on beer at the grocery store, but dads have real responsibilities. Like keeping a person alive, for example. Don’t worry though: this kind of insanity is normal. You’re not alone. Dads Know Best–the first book in the Know Best series–is a real-talk book about parenting. No sugar-coating. No pandering. No clichés. Just honest advice from two fathers who did everything wrong but ended up getting it right. From navigating epic diaper blowouts, to managing pregnancy cravings, to learning about the wonderful world of nipples, Don Miggs and John Luzzi have you covered. They’ll teach you how to be there for your baby mama and take care of your kid without losing your mind in the process. After all, they know best.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-692-1

sku: 08-409-01