Dream Job: Shattering the Glass Ceiling Comes at a Price

by JuliAnne Murphy

The job offer was perfect: tropical location, international travel, vibrant lifestyle, the chance to make a real difference. In fact, JuliAnne just knew this high-powered international dream job in an exotic paradise was exactly what her executive career – and marriage – needed. So, she and her husband packed their bags and headed off for a Panama Expat adventure. But the dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Her new boss is unbearable and any hope for the rewarding, relaxed lifestyle she’d envisioned is eclipsed by drama, sexism and conflict. JuliAnne soon finds herself surrounded by untrustworthy people, battling a job that takes everything she has, and facing a marriage that begins to unravel. What she’d hoped would be a happy, two-year adventure becomes a tumultuous journey lasting more than eight years, and challenging her on every level.

The true story of Dream Job is a deeply personal business memoir of crashing, burning and letting go. It’s one woman’s tale of rising amidst the impossible, like a phoenix. But more importantly, this is a book about love: self-love and love that is unconditional.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-874-1

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sku: 08-433-01