Echoes from Far Lands: Stories on Cultures, Farming, and Life

by Ridley Nelson

This richly-textured book leads you into cultures and farming across five continents. The author takes you on a lush, lively journey from his birthplace in Australia, to Egypt, to English boarding schools, and to sheep stations in Australia. Step onto a merchant ship, or into a quaint English pub or peaceful village church. Glimpse the lives of African smallholder farmers and the iconic Maasai tribe. Join the author for wildlife tales around a campfire in Kenya. Listen and learn from the wisdom of a progressive women’s group in India. You will find here tales from a wide swath of human life laced with heart, humor and warm wit. In this intimate, wayfaring expedition, watch in horror as an aircraft explodes overhead, cast a line for trout in elephant and lion country, observe the human side of war through the author’s military ancestors, and, at the end of your travels, take a deep breath and settle into a sweeping final chapter that contemplates meaning and life.

Join the author on this ride. It will be the journey of a lifetime.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-174-9

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sku: 08-641-01