From Horror to Transcendence: How I Lost Everything in the Material World, Then Found Everything Within

by Kevin Curnutt with Tim Madigan

At the age of thirteen, Kevin Curnutt suffered an injury at the hands of a neighbor that left him paralyzed. But in the depths of his despair, Kevin discovered inner peace and love, and now strives to share his message with the world.

“I had been thrust, most unwillingly, into an exploration of the darkness of the world and of my soul. In that exploration, I had finally come to terms with my situation and my soul, and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace because of it. And now that I have returned from the darkness, I’ve made it my life’s goal to share these lessons I’ve learned about life, about sorrow, about joy, and about the true experience of being human.”

ISBN: 978-1-63755-329-9

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