Ingredients for Successful Coupledom

by Julius Lanoil

What is the essential reality of togetherness? This book of poetic narratives features the positive aspects found in the relationships of 55 different couples. Abstracted from their stories are the ingredients that make a relationship strong, courageous, enjoyable, and long lasting. The perilous adventures and challenges that make up their lives are anything but ordinary. They are unique, special, and even heroic. Their stories are about the unification of two into one. The give and take of one to the other. And the creation of a bright, new reality based on the products of their merger. The poems of these uniquely different couples demonstrates the connectedness of us all. The more of these ingredients you incorporate into your own recipe, the better your plate full of food will be.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-168-8

sku: 08-637-01