Jesus Christ, Enough Already

by Jim Shriner

Jim Shriner had been a believer his entire life. Born into a family of devout Catholics, he didn’t have much of a choice. Between altar boy responsibilities, confession, and receiving the Holy Communion, Jim’s life was heavily enveloped into the Catholic Church.

But as a teenager, at the encouragement of his father’s own awakening, Jim left Catholicism behind—much to the dismay of many relatives—and became a born-again Christian, dedicating his heart and soul to the religion. He hosted a workout show on Christian TV networks, appeared on The 700 Club, and brushed shoulders with the biggest names in the Christian community. Life was good, and he found himself grateful for his full religious immersion—especially when his wife’s health started to deteriorate.

After years of praying for his wife’s health to improve and watching her endure intensive pain, a rapid physical decline, and multiple invasive surgeries, Jim had enough. Why had God abandoned him when he needed Him most? He was fed up hearing that his wife’s constant suffering was “all part of God’s plan.” It was certainly enough to cause Jim to throw in the towel, raise his hands, and say, “Jesus Christ, enough already!”

As Jim sees it, prayer may be balm for the soul—but it’s useless as a “miracle elixir” and distracts from science, medicine, and nutrition. In this ultimately candid and searing memoir, Jim pulls back the curtain on his religious viewpoints, raising questions and doubts about faith, devotion, and the healing power of God.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-017-9

sku: 08-477-01