Keeping On

by Gemma Hoskins

Fifty years ago, beloved teacher Sister Catherine Cesnik was the victim of a brutal unsolved murder. Ever since then, her students, colleagues, friends, and family have all been asking the same question: who killed Sister Cathy? Gemma Hoskins is one of Sister Cathy’s formers students. She appeared on The Keepers, the 2017 Emmy-nominated Netflix docuseries that had the world also wondering what happened to Sister Cathy. Gemma has been both deeply inspired and haunted by Sister Cathy’s life and death, leading her to decide to make her life’s purpose to uncover what really happened that November night in 1969. In Keeping On, Gemma takes readers on a journey of her life, from her time as Sister Cathy’s student at Archbishop Keough High School through present day. She reflects upon the experiences that have shaped her, including her personal experience as a teacher, grassroots investigator, and fierce advocate for truth and justice. Gemma openly continues the search for the truth behind Sister Cathy’s murder, but also reflects upon how Sister Cathy’s life profoundly impacted those who knew and loved her.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-350-7

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