Love Atop a Keyboard: A Memoir of Late-Life Love

By Janet Silver Ghent
Janet Silver Ghent, fifty-five and divorced, pressed a paper into the cracks at Jerusalem’s Western Wall in the winter of 1998. “Please, God, find me a match,” the letter said. Janet should have marked it “Rush.” At the dawn of 1999, she took matters into her own hands and penned a quirky personals ad—“cute writer seeks leading man for possible lifetime drama”—and lured Allen, a singing Silicon Valley engineer. Together, they had a tryst in a San Francisco toy store, where they tapped out tunes with their toes on a giant mat piano.
Under their marriage canopy in 2000, Allen promised her “a merry chase,” and they camped among snorting wildebeests during Tanzania’s Great Migration. They climbed the peaks of Machu Picchu. Wherever they traveled, they sang.
At their wedding, Janet vowed never to take him “for granite.” But when lab tests uncovered two grim conditions for Allen, she became the rock. For Janet and Allen, when things go awry—abroad or at home—there’s always a story, a song, or a book.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-822-5

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