Love Boat 78

by: Tom Madden

After Angela, his cherished wife of fifty-four years, passes away, seventy-eight-year-old Tom Madden finds himself lost in rough and desolate seas. He feels unprepared without the help of his first mate and incapable of navigating to shore. He emerges from the depths of his grief and decides to stop sitting idly in his oceanfront condo, watching his life sail by— the time had come for a change.

Following advice from a friend, Madden plunges back into the dating pool headfirst. But he quickly finds that it isn’t just a pool—it’s a whole ocean. From whirlwind romances to digital breakups, he voyages through all Internet dating has to offer. Love Boat 78 delves into how Madden’s massive heart, racing libido, and cheeky humor help him deal with loss and set sail into the sunset once again.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-088-9

sku: 08-599-01