Thomas Sweatt: Inside the Mind of a Serial Arsonist

by Jonathan Riffe   For 25 years, the serial arsonist Thomas Sweatt terrorized neighborhoods throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. When at last he was arrested in 2005, he confessed to over 340 arson-set fires that claimed the lives of 4 people. Through years of research and combing through several hundred letters written by Tom, Jonathan Riffe has put together this in-depth, never-seen-before biography of the man named the “most prolific and dangerous serial arsonist in American history.” Behind the mask of this crazy, perverted, demented, killer serial arsonist is Thomas Sweatt, an African American homosexual loner in his late fifties who worked at various fast-food joints throughout his lifetime and turned Washington, DC, upside down into a living hell.   ISBN: 978-1-68401-626-6
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