Code: Red, White, and Blue: A Revolutionary Solution to Saving America’s Healthcare System

From award-winning photojournalist and medical device sales representative Shary Connella comes a shattering exposé of the broken state of our healthcare industry, informed by her experiences both as a patient and as a professional navigating the front lines of American healthcare. Some of the most complex, difficult moments of Shary Connella’s life have involved healthcare, and she knows she is not alone. As both a healthcare professional and a patient with firsthand experiences of becoming lost within a dysfunctional system, Shary has witnessed the nearly two-decade devolvement of the healthcare industry as a whole. The industry’s free fall has hurt patients, created distrust within the industry, and paralyzed elected officials in Washington who simply cannot—or choose not—to get the solution right. Punctuated by Shary’s own experiences watching her mother fall through the cracks of a system that works to serve only a select few, Code: Red, White, and Blue is one woman’s honest journey of contending with our intricate healthcare system. Outlining an accessible approach that utilizes the single payer system, Shary offers a cohesive plan for reform that, simply put, places people before politics. Written for those who are tired of seeing our nation’s health used as a political thorn, Code: Red, White, and Blue is full of real ideas that will work for real people. Filled with thought-provoking stories and strong solutions based on principles of fairness, equality, and possibility, Shary offers a cohesive plan that will strengthen our future for generations to come.
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