Developing & Executing Winning Campaigns: Applying the 75 Axioms of Political Campaigning

by Terrence Gourdine

Developing & Executing Winning Campaigns is the hottest new book on political campaigning and presents a practical, gut-level, nuts-and-bolts compendium on creating and waging winning campaigns. From discovering the political truth and defining if a bid for elective office is actually in the cards, to planning a winning campaign, to budgeting, to campaign organization, to messaging, to fundraising, Developing & Executing Winning Campaigns offers the reader a step-by-step guide to achieving electoral success. This book addresses the following strategic concepts: • Campaign Development & Planning. • Campaign Organization. • Theme, Messaging, & Communications. • Funding & Fundraising. • Building Positive Perceptions. • Tactical Campaign Activities. • Conducting the Campaign. Developing & Executing Winning Campaigns outlines what candidates and campaign staffers should do in the creation and implementation of winning campaign strategies and most importantly, what they should not do. It identifies the political pitfalls that often derail and impede many campaigning efforts, and how to navigate around them. In addition, this book provides critical advice on how to avoid the frequent mistakes that many campaigners make. Whether you're a first-time campaigner or a seasoned politico, Developing & Executing Winning Campaigns is a must-read for all potential candidates and campaign staffers who want to craft and wage winning campaigns.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-153-4
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