Industry Achievers

There are many paths to success in business and industry. The journey, however, is made easier by following in the footsteps of others who have achieved success for themselves. The energy business attracts many of the world’s best and brightest individuals. With such formidable competition each sector of industry, preparation is of the utmost importance. While there is no preparation better than formal education and training, there are many critical lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom setting.

Industry Achievers presents the most valuable insights on success, leadership, mentors and education from 50 individuals in operations, maintenance, engineering, construction, safety, health and environmental, training, sales, marketing and more in the form of brief, inspirational narratives. Whether you’re a young professional just entering your field or a seasoned veteran taking the next step in your career journey, the stories featured in Industry Achievers will offer the gift of perspective as viewed through the eyes of some of the best and brightest among America’s industrial corporations, service companies and associations.

Since BIC Alliance was founded 25 years ago, its staff has met, interviewed and read about thousands of successful individuals in business and industry. These people have served as positive role models and mentors for countless employees, colleagues and customers. Industry Achievers represents an effort to capture the wisdom of business and industry professionals in a format that can be passed from generation to generation.

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