LOL, Loss of Logo: What’s Your Next Move?

by Jake Hirshman & Andy Dolich

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Navigating a career in any business is highly complex, especially in the world of sports and entertainment. Knowing how to separate the logo on your business card from your personal identity is a valuable skill for creating your own career path. Building a career in the sports industry is easier said than done, especially since the business is extremely addictive. Cool corporate logos and titles should never control your true sense of self; your name on the card is much more important! Welcome to the world of LOL, or “Loss of Logo.”

Written for aspiring sports professionals, current sports industry professionals, and any career enthusiasts who are chasing the fancy logo and corner office, LOL, Loss of Logo: What’s Your Next Move? offers valuable takeaways for everyone. Comprised of powerful perspectives from 38 multitalented industry professionals, this book will give you the tools to succeed in the industry, with or without your logo.

Praise for LOL, Loss of Logo: What’s Your Next Move:

“LOL is a great read for those seeking to enter any socially powerful industry. Additionally, the

book provides exceptional advice for those currently engaged and for those who have left the

industry.” — Dennis Mannion, Former President of the Detroit Pistons & Los Angeles Dodgers

“They teach the valuable but often forgotten lesson of staying true to oneself when navigating

the business of sports. It is a true testament to their countless years of blood, sweat, and tears

poured into the business and most importantly their loyalty to the game.” — Keena Turner, Vice President, & Senior Advisor to the General Manager, San Francisco 49ers

“Having spent my life in the business of sports, this book clearly defines the challenges and

opportunities of building and navigating a career in a constantly changing industry. The insights

and practice advice contained in LOL define a clear path to success.”

— Pat Williams, Longtime Sports Executive, and Author of 115 Books

ISBN: 978-1-64543-851-9

sku: 08-882-E1