Play Left Fullback: How Challenging the Status Quo Will Help America’s Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Build Better Practices, Be Heroes to their Families, and Restore America’s Trust in Lawyers

by Ben Glass

Life is about exercising choices!


So, you read recently that many lawyers are depressed and unhappy about their profession. Pick up almost any bar journal and you will read about how “leadership” is putting together more educational programs, so you can learn how to be happier in your chosen profession.


I’ve got news for you. There are a ton of us out there who have fun, make money, and enjoy being lawyers all without screwing up our personal lives.


You should read this book if you:

  • Are the owner of a small law firm and don’t have any hang-ups about talking about your law firm in terms of enhancing profits.
  • Like strategizing about how to build a real business that brings you joy and happiness.
  • Are okay with only choosing clients you actually like working with.
  • Believe that building a workforce that looks forward to Monday morning sounds like something you’d like to do.


Don’t waste your time on this book if you:

  • Think that being the best lawyer in town entitles you to anything.
  • Believe that the path to prosperity in the legal field is “do good work and they will come.”
  • Are resolutely against viewing your law firm as a profit-making machine.
  • Think that any one book will turn your life around in a week or so.


The choice is yours.

ISBN: 978-1-64307-472-6

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