Ruling the Roost from the Hen House

by Arvey Krise

Do you feel like the tail is wagging the dog? It’s time to take control. Get the results you want by helping your team achieve the results they want.

With this fun, down-to-earth guide, it’s easier than ever. Focus on results – effectively becoming a better manager while also building your dream team!

Packed with amusing anecdotes, Ruling the Roost from the Henhouse shares Arvey’s secrets for winning, along with valuable lessons learned on her road to success. Not only will you add valuable lifelong skills to your management toolbox; you’ll learn to be a great leader in every aspect of life.

Guiding you to define your strengths and weaknesses, Ruling the Roost from the Henhouse helps you create your personal management style that will garner respect and build a confident loyal team envied by your peers.

Learn to conduct the perfect interview yielding great hires, build a strong team while professionally maintaining delicate boss-friend relationships, and proven skills still the most effective among the latest management ideas.

This engaging and vital workplace commentary will benefit anyone in management whether it be the corporate world, organizations—or your own kids!

Master the modern world of management now—Ruling the Roost in your own Henhouse.

ISBN: 978-1-68401-455-2

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