Old Dogs, New Chapters: Uplifting Stories of Senior Rescue Dogs

by Alison Clary & Jason Pappas

“Adopting a senior rescue dog forces you to live in the present. You may not always know the details of their past or what their future holds, but you can always count on them to enjoy the present.”

In Old Dogs, New Chapters, authors Alison Clary and Jason Pappas share the touching stories of nearly thirty senior rescue dogs, all of whom found themselves, for various heartbreaking reasons, in need of a permanent home when they were eight years old or older. Fortunately, compassionate people from different walks of life stepped forward to provide these wonderful senior dogs with loving forever homes and blissful new life chapters.

Ringing with themes of resilience and empathy, each story in Old Dogs, New Chapters is uniquely inspiring and powerful, and is sure to stay with you long after the last page is turned.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-097-1

sku: 08-600-01