Life Off the Label: A Handbook for Creating Your Own Brand of Health and Happiness

by Colleen Kachmann   Colleen Kachmann kept a close eye on calories, was active with her four energetic children, and exercised regularly. But her best efforts were futile against midlife reality. Dieting led to weight gain. Her emotions were unstable. Her body hurt. Various medications proved ineffective. She wasn't sick, exactly, but she wasn't healthy, either. Sound familiar? Life Off the Label details Colleen's dedicated efforts to live and be well, only to discover she wasn't. She's not alone. Seventy percent of Americans are overweight and take at least one medication. Colleen did not want to be a statistic, so she deconstructed the habits and beliefs that limited her potential. What she discovered will change your life. The usual roles of consumer and business have reversed. Consumers now produce the product Big Business demands: enormous profit. Large corporations dispense processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and beauty products that spawn, then feed our addictions. They have us running to the store to buy products full of chemicals and artificial ingredients. As a result, addiction fuels the economy. Colleen had an epiphany: being "normal" and "healthy" at the same time is not possible. Normal isn't healthy; it's exhausting and expensive. Armed with a wry sense of humor and eye-opening research, Colleen Kachmann offers real solutions for busy families. You can reclaim your life. Life off the Label is the path to freedom - freedom from ignorance, brainwashing and misleading marketing. Living off the label does not demand more of your time, money or energy. In fact, it returns them. You, my friend, are about the get a refund!  
ISBN: 978-0-9977024-0-8
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