Nowhere Boys

by Mark Asay

If you don’t believe in your mission, what comes next?

Ray Dorsey is nineteen, yet college, jobs, cars, and girlfriends are not in his life.

His faith has him going door to door in Southern California to convert strangers to his religion. While his peers are finding themselves, Ray looks for positive creative outlets in his mandated solitary world, losing himself in his internal thoughts.

Although Ray sees life differently than other missionaries, he does look for common threads with the other young men. With only each other to communicate and commiserate with, they share frustration, laughter, competitiveness, and camaraderie. As much as they try to commit themselves, internal tensions grow as they are kept away from the joys of youth.

Exhausted by obligations and rules, Ray looks to answer life’s questions that seem to already have been answered for him. As the end of his term nears, Ray must decide if he indeed has nothing more to contribute beyond what has already been chosen for him and if his role is merely to follow and obey, or whether he might chart his own path and embrace his own philosophy of life where he can act confidently, knowing it is his life and under his control.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-595-8

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