Natural Beauties: Homemade Wellness Tips from Head to Toe

by Marita and Mimina Meza
As twin sisters with lifelong careers in the beauty industry, Marita and Mimina Meza learned a number of insider tricks for taking care of themselves using only affordable and natural ingredients. They have put them to the test, creating masks, creams, and scrubs. If the recipes didn’t make a real difference, they moved on to something else, always looking for the best methods of caring for themselves.
This book contains the best beauty advice and recipes from their many years of modeling and pageants, and it’s all rooted in natural ingredients. The twins believe nature provides everything needed for a beauty regiment that will keep you looking younger while staying healthy. Instead of searching for products that don’t contain harmful chemicals, it’s easier and less expensive to make them at home. In this book, Marita and Mimina will show you how, helping you to look and feel youthful and invigorated every day.

ISBN: 9781645437031
SKU: 08-843-01
Categories:Nonfiction, Self-Help/How-To