Pulling Each Other Along: 31 Inspirational Stories of Human Kindness

by Todd Civin & Doug Cornfield
Pulling Each Other Along contains 30+ inspirational stories of human compassion intended to provide practical advice and inspiration for acts of kindness. The significance of helping people while helping ourselves is monumental as we grow in kindness and bring people together regardless of gender, race, abilities or disabilities, wealth status, or political affiliations. You'll hear inspirational stories from people like Dave Clark, the only professional baseball player who went from crutches to pitching; Rocky Bleier, who, after being wounded during his service in the US Army, became a starting running back for the Pittsburg Steelers; Laura Chagnon, who became paralyzed and legally blind after an assault on her twenty-sixth birthday but is now a motivational speaker; and many others. This book will inspire, challenge, and enlighten you with stories that highlight some of the good in this world—showing you, step-by-step, how we can all pull each other along.
ISBN: 978-1-64543-947-9
SKU: 08-851-01
Categories:Nonfiction, Self-Help/How-To