Why We Are What We Eat: The Role of Diet and Symbiotic Microorganisms in Mental and Physical Health

by Inna Kruman, Ph.D

Food has been linked to human identity for millennia. However, exactly how the food we eat affects our bodies and minds remained unclear until recently. Now, we know that our environment can turn gene expression on and off, influencing how we, as organisms, function. This discovery changed our understanding of how diet affects wellbeing, as food is one of the most critical environmental factors.

In Why We Are What We Eat, Dr. Inna Kruman examines these recent advances in research closely, exploring the interplay between the digestive, immune, and nervous systems. She focuses her attention on the role of symbiotic microogranisms in these relationships, explaining how our diet shapes the microbial community—and makes those tiny microbes the key to our physical and mental health. Join Dr. Kruman on a journey to discover why we are what we eat.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-772-7

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