Wordshine Man: Tips for Polishing Words Until They Sparkle

by Tom Madden

Want to improve your writing and discover clever ways of communicating? Here’s a book full of innovative tips on how to make your writing more engaging, more readable, and more effective at getting the results you want to achieve!

Let the “Wordshine Man,” a.k.a. author Tom Madden, demonstrate how to make your writing stand out. He knows what to do. Madden has spent many years turning lackluster prose into scintillating copy for magazines, newspapers, and television.

Today he’s an email surgeon and a word doctor who operates on letters, media pitches, and news releases, bringing to life whatever publicists at his public relations firm, TransMedia Group (transmediagroup.com), yearn to send to the media.

He’s also a social media whiz and a consummate wordsmith who’ll show you how to make your message reverberate with recipients.

What’s the point of writing if people won’t even open your email or read your message? Sometimes all it takes is rearranging a few words or inserting some punchy verbs to wake up the reader and make them interested in your writing!

ISBN: 978-1-63755-053-3

sku: 08-917-01