Too Many Pets: An Edda Melkorka Story About Lice

by Catherine Wayne and Robyn Phaedra Mitchell   Be careful what you wish for! Edda Melkorka was beginning to think she would never get another pet. But when she comes home from school with head lice, Edda turns on the positivity and tries to keep the lice as her pets. Before long Edda has too many pets to handle. Getting head lice can be scary for kids … and parents. But it doesn’t have to be! Each year millions of school-aged children get lice. While special shampoos help remove lice, “Too Many Pets,” removes some of the creepiness from these creepy critters as Edda attempts to name all of her new ‘pets’. “Whew!” exclaims Edda. “Naming all these pets is hard work.” From the delightful perspective of an eight year old girl, Edda Melkorka makes the best of this itchy issue and learns a valuable lesson in the process. Meet Edda Melkorka Edda Melkorka is a curious eight-year old girl who wants to know everything about the world around her. Growing up in Iceland with Canadian roots, Edda speaks both Icelandic and English – but sometimes gets words mixed up. Edda has the best of both worlds! In Iceland she swims in warm thermal pools and celebrates Cream Puff Day, while visiting Gramma Catherine in Canada she drinks root beer and reads Archie comics. Whether searching for the meaning behind rainbows or persuading mom for a new pet, Edda has her own way of looking at the world. Along with trusty cat Brutus, Edda has a colorful cast of characters to interact with on her journey of self-discovery.   ISBN-13: 9781620868577
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