The Box of Life: A Guide to Living with Purpose and Preserving What Matters Most

The Box of Life is both a distinctive, novel framework for embodying a life of purpose and an ode to memory. Encouraged by the inter- and multi-generational links between her family and friends, author Orit Ramler originated a philosophy and process for constructing one's own "Box of Life"—a gathering of personal remembrances that pay tribute to the myriad experiences in our lives.

More than a simple pile of trinkets, your Box of Life facilitates a reassessing of a lifetime of moments that make us who we are. We all deserve to leave behind a legacy that tells our own stories the way we want them to be told, all while urging our loved ones to join and make new memories along the way.

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ISBN: 978-1-63755-840-9
SKU: 18-1171-01