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September Book Releases

Summer may be winding down, but our newest titles are hot! Whether you’re heading back to school, gearing up for football season, or just looking for a new read, our latest releases have something for everyone.

Featured Title: L.A.  Football Confidential 

Wayde Byard

In this definitive guide to the history of Los Angeles football, Wayde Byard spotlights the Rams and the transients (Dons, Chargers, Sun, Express and Xtreme) who have made SoCal football unique. He recounts stories of the city’s teams, heroes, and most infamous players—the true legends of Hollywood. Click here to purchase this title.

By: Arthi Gokarn

This is a story of unconditional love, hope and healing, depicted through a glimpse of Sai Baba’s life on earth. The artist’s illustrations lead the reader on a journey through India, witnessing key events in the amazing life of this great saint. Follow along as he’s abandoned at birth and compelled to become a foster child with unconventional customs, ultimately growing to be a gift to his community. Click here to purchase this title.

Sudio Sudarsan

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a calligram is worth a million.

A Word to the Eyes is a revolutionary mnemonic tool used to boost vocabulary development and retention. Enhance your lexicon starting with the visuals within, which serve as an introduction to thousands of associated words and meanings. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Jennifer Hughes

‘Twas the night before Halloween,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except the mad mouse.

Read on to learn of tricks that deceive

Children seeking treats on All Hallow’s Eve!
Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Doug Reynolds

What is a family? Is there only one kind? Are they all just like yours? Are they all just like mine?

An Actual Family tells the story of Agatha, an otter adopted by two penguin dads who starts to question whether or not she fits in. After being teased for being different than her parents, Agatha sets off with her best friend to find her “actual family”. On her journey, Agatha meets animals of every type, in families of every sort, and begins to re-think her idea of what a family must be. Perhaps she will discover that her actual family has been right in front of her the whole time…

From the author and illustrator of A Normal Turtle comes another modern-day fable for children in the queer community! Written as a flexible allegory, An Actual Family is a story applicable to every child who feels that their family might be a little “different”. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Carrie & Katie Weyler

When a squirrel-chasing adventure takes a turn, Pickles winds up getting into the neighbor’s garden and digs up some of the plants. Now, Charlie must learn how to clean up his dog’s mess. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Brendan Leonard

In this collection of his charts and drawings, Brendan Leonard simply illustrates the funny and strange things we do as humans: how we can confidently navigate in the wilderness but get lost in suburban parking lots, how long-term romantic relationships are a few months of trying to act cool and then slowly revealing how uncool we actually are, and how every day is the best day of our dog’s life. One or more pages will remind you of a friend, spouse, relative, or your dog, and most will remind you of how ridiculous we all are. Click here to purchase this title. 

Joyetta Murphy

As long as you have close friends at heart, you will never be apart.

Join Pig, Zebra, and Mouse on their second adventure together in karate class. They’ll need to work together to master all the moves and impress Master Cat. Click here to purchase this title.

By: Candice Pyfrom

Could anyone ever have imagined that pigs could swim? Inspired by the luxurious, blue waters of The Bahamas, an elusive group of island pigs have decided that swimming isn’t just for the fishes.

Combining local island expressions and way of life, Miss Cocoplum takes you along on her unique journey to meet the famous Bahamian swimming pigs. What will it take for Cocoplum to take her first plunge into the magical blue waters of The Bahamas? Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Beverly Pennington

Join us on our newest adventure

To learn about different creatures!

From where they play, sleep, and move around,

To whether they live in trees, on land, or underground.

Pictures, activities, and other attractions

Help us learn through interactions!

Oh, what fun this is going to be—

Come and share this journey with me!
Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Mindy Porter

Piper and Tara are best friends! But when Piper accidentally hurts Tara, Tara gets upset. Piper doesn’t understand why Tara’s feelings are hurt, and that makes her sadder. Will they be able to make up? Follow along as Piper and Tara learn about friendship and forgiveness! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Angel L.J. Aranha

What do you do with a butterfly who can’t paint flowers?

Try as she might, Dot the rainbow butterfly can’t paint flowers like the rest of her butterfly friends. Even Miss Benditwig doesn’t know what to do with Dot and all her colors.

Come along with Dot as she learns that being different isn’t necessarily bad. Who knows what beautiful surprises may await you! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Mark Walter

At last, the perfect book for proud Golden Bears of all ages!

Golden Bears A to Z is filled with fun facts about the people, places, and traditions that make Upper Arlington such a special community.  Keep an eye out for a hidden bear paw in each beautiful watercolor illustration. After you read, explore the city with the activity hunt in the back of the book. Happy reading, and Go Bears! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Bella Weidman

Hedgie’s Nantucket Dawn poetically depicts some of the island of Nantucket’s ethereal beauty through the eyes of a washashore artist, Hedgie the hedgehog and his island native friend, Bluejay. The characters as well as the playful watercolors familiarize readers with some of Nantucket’s beautiful botanical landmarks. The scrub oak trees, daisies, and Queen Anne’s Lace flowers always seem to float through the memories of anyone who experienced Nantucket even once. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Erik Kincade

Ralphie is a little bulldog who dreams of exciting adventures. His imagination takes him on many journeys, but Ralphie soon decides that nothing could be cooler than becoming a tiger. Join Ralphie as he finds out what it takes to earn his stripes. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Aaron Fox

Every True Son and Daughter knows the University of Missouri and its lovable mascot, Truman the Tiger. However, few know the story of how Truman found his roar… until now. Follow a young Truman on his journey across Tiger Country in search of his roar and learn how he became the mascot he is today. Plus, look for Mizzou and Columbia landmarks along the way! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Denise Tobin

Hydro the Raindrop is the first in a series of the adventures of the Raindrops, a group of fun droplets who live high in the sky. Hydro’s determination to grow up too fast gets him into a serious situation, and he soon wishes he had listened to his mama. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Mickie Kraatz

When Matty hears his mommy whistle, he sets out to master the skill for himself! But he just can’t seem to get the hang of it, even as he tries and tries. His mommy gives him hints and explains how it’s done, but he still can’t do it like she does.

Follow along as Matty goes through the ups and downs of learning something new, and discover that as long as you never give up, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! Experience the power of determination with Matty, and earn with him the reward that follows when you persevere. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: John Barrows

Follow Charlie as she makes a plan to sell cookies around her neighborhood. Sales isn’t as easy as it looks, but with some practice, Charlie is on her way to making a difference and learning the true meaning of what sales is all about. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Jackie Meyers

Loving an Older Dog by Jacqueline A. Meyers, PhD, is a book about guidance on living with senior pets. Dr. Meyers runs her own animal rescue, which specializes in taking care of senior animals, with her husband. She knows that older animals have a lot of love to give and are still great pets, and this collection will give you an insight as well as advice on taking care of older pets. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Perry Anderson

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue are at it again on their spontaneous trip to Farmer Brown’s farm. They can’t resist playing with all the animals and throwing a little party for them, but will the animals on the farm take advantage of the opportunity to horse around? Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Perry Anderson

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue had always loved animals, so one day, they decided to treat the animals at their local zoo to a party. But what will happen when the caged creatures are left to their own devices, free to roam? Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Elizabeth McKinney

Carson narrates the story
With a simple moral in the end.
We need to accept other’s differences
So we don’t miss out on a friend.
Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Karen Márquez Morales

Follow the Pac-12 Mascots as they share their game plan of life’s most important lessons. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Lucia Hur

NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! This is not just a true personal story of brain injury. This is a story that brings new meaning to the adage never give up. In her debut book, Lucia Hur chronicles how she made a miracle happen by actively engaging and participating in the aftermath of a car accident that changed her son Bobby s life and her family forever. When Bobby was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that medical professionals knew little about, Lucia began chronically their life-changing journey of recovery from his comatose state to becoming a functioning, independent adult. In this inspirational memoir, Lucia narrates the trials and tribulations she faced, and shows that being a part of every aspect of Bobby’s recovery was essential to connecting with and caring for her son in navigating the confusing world of TBI. An absolute testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and hope, Perfect Love explores how love in various forms allowed Lucia to transform and adjust to a more productive meaning of life, doing her best always, and constantly enriching her soul along the way. Click here to purchase this title.

By: Phyllis Bordo

Have you ever had a special pet you love to the moon and back? Quincey the Chinese crested dog is Lilly Esther’s best friend. His big ears and even bigger heart have always cheered her up and helped her conquer her fears. So, she is terribly sad when he passes away. Can Lilly Esther learn how to remember and celebrate Quincey after he is gone? Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Claire May
Christmastime is here and Santa’s Fairies have taken flight. They’re looking for good girls and boys all day and all night.

What can you do to make Santa’s Fairies happy as can be? Read this book before Christmas and you’ll surely see! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Mark Corallo

It’s another day at School La Ootie where all the little Ooties go to learn how to make wishes come true for children throughout the world. One little Ootie named Spootie needs your help. You see, he takes things literally and misunderstands the true meaning of many words. Will Spootie be able to make a wish come true? Join Spootie, Hootie, Rootie, Tootie, Miss Patootie, and Magic Toy Box as they all learn lessons about social skills, words, and the true meaning of friendship. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Jessica Shrum

Got problems? We can solve them!

Squeak and Jumbo will guide you through the problems that might be conflicting you. Are they teeny, tiny mouse problems or big, enormous elephant problems? The dynamic duo is just getting started! Join along in their problem-solving adventure and see if you can help them unravel the mysteries troubling their community! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Quinn Buffandeau

“There’s been a thief on my boat!” T-Rex O’Hoolihan shouted as he prepared his ship for a new adventure. “I’ll cross every ocean if I have to!”

Follow T-Rex O’Hoolihan on his quest to find the mysterious backpack thief and get back what’s his in this high-flying adventure across the ocean. Set sail for a story filled with twists, turns, and excitement! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Cynthia Hartman

In a dream world of tooth decay, gingivitis, and devilish bacteria, there’s only one hero who can save the day—Doc Molar! When a gang of bad bacteria besieges the town, can Doc Molar and his trusty sidekick Bristles save the day? Brace yourself for this oral health adventure! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Jewel Sweeney

Join Bugaboo and Ladybug as they face a ferocious dragon! As the dragon roars through Buggleland, Knight Bugaboo has to get Princess Ladybug to safety. Will Knight Bugaboo be able to defeat the dragon and save the day? Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Trent Grundmeyer

Join Eli and Lincoln as they learn and play on their geode adventure! While you learn about geodes, keep a sharp eye out for the special pick ax hidden on each page. Will you find them all? Read and find out! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Cathy Ghattas

When Zar overhears his mom complain about not having anything besides corn, rice, and potatoes for dinner, he’s determined to hook her the biggest fish in the lake. But each fish he catches promises that a bigger fish awaits—will Zar find the biggest one?

A story about being grateful for the truly important things in life and remembering that what you want is not always what you need. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Jennifer Cheek

After the sudden and unexpected loss of Griffin’s Papaw, moving on was difficult and hard to understand. Griffin couldn’t stop wondering where Papaw went or why he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. After saying a special prayer, Griffin may finally find the peace he was looking for. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Edie Delp

If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Bella and her dog, Walker, decide to set off for an adventure in the park. What they don’t know is that they’ll meet a very special someone along the way who will grant Bella one wish, if only she can decide what to wish for…

Follow along with Bella and Walker as they discover the magic of dreaming BIG and learn the true secret of a wish. Click here to purchase this title. 

By:  Michel Zajur & Lisa Zajur

**Please note: this title will be released on September 17, 2019.

Today, piñatas are sold to celebrate holidays and birthdays all over the world. Do you know what the piñata and the candy inside really represent and why it was broken?

The Piñata Story is an interactive bilingual book written by Lisa and Michel Zajur that transports its readers on a cultural journey, which highlights a story about the meaning of the piñata while teaching Spanish. Plan to interact and engage on a bilingual path within The Piñata Story through:

  • Tips to Sounding Out Words in Spanish
  • Bilingual Glossary
  • Making a Piñata
  • Piñata Song
  • History of the Piñata

The Piñata Story offers the gift of language by sprinkling Spanish words that enrich the story onto its pages. Children learn by seeing and doing, and The Piñata Story offers the combination of reading with interactive learning.

Continue the language and cultural journey by visiting Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Joe Bunting

Everything you thought you knew about the story of Hansel and Gretel is WRONG. Come along the exciting journey and experience what really happened. Deep in the enchanted forest, you will find the truth about who the REAL hero and victim of this tale is….
Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Joan C. Yingling

Can’t feels like there’s nothing he can do. But when he meets a wee little elf, all of that changes. Can’t soon discovers that with a little confidence, he CAN do so much! Follow along on his journey to becoming a Could! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Scarlett Hayes

When Hayden and Avery’s parents take them on an adventure to Italy, they discover how magical the country really is! Follow along with the traveling children and their dog Max as they experience Italy and its history firsthand. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Sandie Knox

Imagine a school where the ZOO visits YOU! A streak of tigers, a parliament of owls, and many others invade the classroom in this light-hearted modern classic that teaches your child animal group names in a fun and creative way! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: John McEveety Woodruff

In the third and final volume of The War at Home series, author John Woodruff sees the Prescotts off as they maneuver into adulthood during an era in which the Vietnam conflict seems endless. And as some of the family continue to navigate the material world, so do two of their own in the afterlife. Patiently waiting to be accepted into the Elysian Fields, Emily and Bartholomew Prescott explore Metacosma, the space and time held in between mortal death and eternity. Working toward an ending that crescendos with every passing page, Woodruff weaves together the earthly and otherworldly with searing prose and cutting imagination. The War at Home: Skirmish for the Upper West Side is a masterful conclusion that will leave you breathless long after the last page is turned. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Emily Chabot

What happens when light and dark collide?

I couldn’t live with myself knowing she was no longer here because of me. It’s why I did what I did. Sacrifice, selfish cruelty—call it what you will. I couldn’t let them win. Damian Cauldera lived a simple, albeit miserable life, until the day he decides to seek sanctuary in Paris…and before he knows it, everything he has ever known has suddenly, dangerously changed. He finds himself held captive by a group that calls themselves Hunters and, at first, Damian laughs at their outrageous take on the world. But as time goes on, he realizes they’re not as crazy as they seem, and he’s quickly thrown into a fantastical world he never knew existed.

As he sinks further and further into his new life, a strange and dangerous power begins to emerge from within him. With a threatening darkness looming on the horizon, Damian is forced to find the meaning behind his unnatural existence and reckon with both the man he is meant to be and the man he wants to become. As he works to conquer his demons and quell the darkness that is fighting for control, he must remember to have faith in his own strength…or risk casting the world in Shadows. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Carol L. Huston & Pamela Pittman

When little girls dream, anything is possible! Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Erin Morris

Ever wonder what a soldier actually does? Why does he dress that way? Could I be a soldier one day?

Private First Class Sam Smith is a soldier in the U.S. Army. Come along with Sam as he tells all about what it’s like to live, work, and (even) relax like a soldier. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Bonnie Mackey

When Beau Bear receives a special present from his aunt ShaSha for his birthday, Nana Bear knows just how Beau Bear can thank her. Follow along as Nana Bear teaches Beau Bear the importance of kindness. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Jerome Jones

Abby and Tommy are back for another adventure to promote healthy living and fun for kids of all ages. Today, they are having a debate about what the best part of P.E. class is. Will Abby and Tommy agree, or are there too many fun P.E. activities to decide? Click here to purchase this title. 

By: George A. Isaac

**Please note: This title will be released on September 17, 2019.

You’ve spent the majority of your career building your family business. You’ve learned what works, endured lean years, enjoyed booms, and watched your company grow, but now it’s time to think about what’s next. Consultant George Isaac has been helping families start, build, and maintain their enterprises for more than forty years. Whether you’re getting ready to retire, about to assume a new leadership role, or are looking for ways to run your business smarter, Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy is the comprehensive guide you need to build a family business that lasts. Using real-world, experiential examples, Isaac introduces:

  • Seven essential initiatives for business survival and growth
  • Techniques to navigate family dynamics and prevent conflict
  • Strategies for establishing effective governance
  • A road map to forming and executing a workable succession plan
  • Practical approaches to multi-generational wealth management

Avoid the pitfalls and traps that keep most family businesses from surviving past the current generation. Build a multi-generational business legacy that lasts with this indispensable guide. Click here to purchase this title. 

By: Anita B. Adhikary

Get ready for lots of laughter and fun with these three folktales set against the colorful backdrop of Nepal. From gliding with balloons, rascally radishes, and one very big bear, there’s all sorts of good times to be had in these timeless tales children will want to read over and over again! Click here to purchase this title. 

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