15 Years, 15 Titles: Happy 15th Birthday, Mascot Books!

By Emily Evans-Miller Time for some throwbacks! Fifteen years ago, Mascot Books was founded on September 15th, 2003 by CEO Naren Aryal. For the past fifteen days, we’ve been featuring one of our titles from each year on our social media channels. We love getting the chance to celebrate how diverse our titles are! As you can imagine, with over 300 books sent to print so far this year alone, we had quite a challenge picking out just one for each year. Check them out!

2003: Hello, Hokie Bird!

By Aimee Sutter Aryal Follow Hokie Bird around the campus of Virginia Tech in this fun and beautifully illustrated hardcover children’s book that was written by a Virginia Tech alumnus. Read along as Hokie Bird stops at some of Virginia Tech’s most beloved landmarks – the Duck Pond, Drill Field, Burruss Hall and Newman Library – before arriving at Lane Stadium for a football game. There is even a special appearance by Coach Beamer. A great book for Virginia Tech fans of any age!

2004: Hello, Tiger!

By Aimee Sutter Aryal Follow the Tiger around the campus of Clemson University in this fun and beautifully illustrated hardcover children’s book. Read along as the Tiger stops at some of Clemson’s most beloved landmarks – Bowman Field, the Amphitheater, Fort Hill, and Littlejohn Coliseum – before arriving at Memorial Stadium for a football game. There is even a special appearance by Coach Bowden. A great book for Clemson fans of any age!

2005: Hello, Big Jay!

By Aimee Aryal Big Jay, the Kansas Jayhawks’ mascot, tours the campus and attends a basketball game.

2006: Hello Wally!

By Jerry Remy Follow Wally The Green Monster around Fenway Park during game day. Read along as Wally enjoys pre-game festivities on Yawkey Way, visits the Ted Williams Statue, participates in batting practice, entertains Red Sox fans, and cheers the home team to victory. A great book for Red Sox fans of any age!

2007: White Diamond Runs for the Roses

By Aimee Aryal Follow White Diamond through the sites and sounds of the Kentucky Derby.

2008: J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

By Aimee Aryal New York Jets fans from all over the area are headed to the stadium for a football game. Read along as Jets fans cheer the team to victory! A great book for Jets fans of any age!

2009: Bo, Commander in Leash

By Naren Aryal Bo, American’s Commander in Leash(TM) is the first children’s book starring the most famous dog in the world. Join Bo on an exciting adventure as he learns all about the White House and experiences the traditions that make it such a special place. Bo’s adventures include time-honored White House traditions, including the Easter egg roll, Fourth of July fireworks on the National Mall, the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey, and all the festivities associated with holiday time at the White House. The First Pup also helps the Obama Family establish new traditions, such as playing on the First Kids’ new swing set, planting vegetables in the White House’s new organic garden, and playing basketball with the President.

2010: A Salute to Our Heroes: The US Marines

By Brandon W. Barnett Come along with Chesty the bulldog, the mascot of the U.S. Marines, as he takes us on an exciting journey into the world of the United States Marine Corps.

2011: 9Lenses Insight to Action: A Social Approach to Business Optimization

By Edwin Miller 9Lenses, a web-based social approach to assessing and optimizing a business, provides comprehensive insights into all areas of your organization. It empowers business leaders to use this data as a roadmap to drive improvements and help employees acquire the knowledge and skills to make business excellence sustainable. Whether you want to take your business to the next level or grow sales and customers, the Lenses provide the focus. Edwin Miller founded the company in 2011, but has been developing the 9Lenses since his first role in business in 1993.This book is about how people, insight, content, data, and software can come together to create meaningful action for a company. It represents the first truly “end-to-end,” comprehensive framework for understanding the most important aspects of businesses, and provides a dynamic blueprint for optimizing each aspect in the context of all important factors. Through the book, Edwin Miller identifies the nine key lenses that an executive needs to account for as they build successful businesses. Edwin demonstrates that when the nine lenses align, businesses successfully accelerate to the next level.

2012: One Letter At a Time

By Dick and Rick Hoyt with Todd Civin One Letter at a Time is the inspirational story of Rick Hoyt told from his perspective and those he’s inspired. Though born a non-verbal spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, Rick worked diligently with co-author, Todd Civin, to share stories from his incredible life using his one letter at a time method of speaking. Hoyt, together with his equally inspirational father, Dick Hoyt, has competed in nearly 1100 athletic events including thirty Boston Marathons.

2013: She Cooks, She Scores

By Jennifer F. Stoker The way to a man’s heart is through his … stomach. Well sometimes, that’s not the case. In this cookbook, Jenn will share her bodacious culinary adventures. Each recipe has detailed instructions and an entertaining story behind it. You will see, taste, and smell the love behind all these dishes. Join Jenn on her culinary journey that will satiate and entertain.

2014: Surviving Suicide: Searching for “Normal” with Heartache and Humor

By Deena Baxter There are many books about living with mental illness; this is a story about dying from it. A son gives back the gift of life and launches the author on a mission a search for normal and who gets to decide. Crossing international boundaries, from the U.S. to Brazil, Deena Baxter’s journey shines a light on a harsher reality: how the stigma of mental illness keeps it cloaked in denial. Using heartache, humor, and creative full-color graphics, Baxter brings mental illness out of the darkness and gives it a voice worth listening to.

2015: Out and About Dad

By Jim Joseph “A book about being a father?” “Good, maybe it’ll help someone.” “Are you going to tell stories about us?” “Yes, a few.” “Well, we have a lot of them!” That was my children’s reaction when I first told them I was writing another book, but this one was going to be about fatherhood. I guess they’ve gotten used to me writing marketing books and daily blog posts and all of the comments that come along with them. But this time it’s personal. This one hits close to home – our home. 363 Days of Tea Cover

2016: 363 Days of Tea

By Ruby Silvious Follow the artist’s 363-day journey as she creates miniature paintings using repurposed tea bags as her canvas. Slide! Cover

2017: Slide! The Baseball Tragicomedy That Defined Me, My Family, and the City of Philadelphia – And How It All Could Have Been Avoided Had Someone Just Listened to My Lesbian Great Aunt

By Carl Wolfson Slide! is the laugh-out-loud true story of the greatest collapse in baseball history, told from the perspective of a boy who lived it. The Philadelphia Phillies’ bid for the pennant in 1964 was an almost flawless run. With twelve games to play, the team’s lead seemed insurmountable. For 11-year-old Carl Wolfson, it was the happiest summer of his young life. Then the unthinkable happened. With each late-season loss, Phillies fans were thrown into despair, and Carl’s crumbling dream of a World Series forced him to take refuge in comedy. Luckily, it was all around him. His bickering parents (who put up Chinese symbols for “peace” and “happiness” and argued for years about which was which), his grandmother (who was so stubbornly Republican that she refused to carry a Roosevelt dime), and his mouthy great aunt (whose protest letters to the Phillies front office became local legend) created plenty of opportunity for distract And to kick off the start of our sixteenth year…

2018: Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass

By George Kroustalis Does the thought of creating your own budget make your head spin? Do you know what a credit score is used for? Do you even give a sh*t? This book is for people who don’t but wish they did. Because, let’s face it, your parents aren’t going to foot the bill forever. Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass will set you down the path to success without putting you to sleep. It’s the financial lecture you never bothered listening to. But luckily, financial adviser George Kroustalis has boiled down decades of experience into three simple chapters: Save, Spend, and Invest. You can’t screw that up. There’s no Wall Street jargon to learn, no complicated formulas just a few simple fundamentals. You’ll follow two characters, Jack and Jen, along their paths to success or failure. Whether you’re graduating high school, choosing a major in college, or entering the workforce, you’ll be able to face the future with a badass attitude…and the bank account to match.
We are so proud of all of our titles and authors. Without them, Mascot would not be where we are today. Be sure to help us celebrate by sharing your titles, event photos, covers, and favorite memories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here’s to fifteen more years of publishing excellence and helping our authors succeed!

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