A Charitable Children’s Author

Author Doug Malan announced that he will contribute 50% of all proceeds from the sale of his book Let’s Go to the Ballpark! to the Harrisburg Disaster Relief Fund.

Doug Malan grew up in Pinckneyville, IL, about 60 miles from Harrisburg. I asked Doug why he chose to donate to the Harrisburg Disaster Relief Fund, and he responded very honestly. Doug explained that he was really affected when he heard about the devastating impact this storm had on the region where he grew up. He wanted to do something to help out in a small way. He also wants to raise awareness about the need for help in southern Illinois because of the recent tornado disaster.

50% of the proceeds from every copy of Let’s Go to the Ballpark! sold through our website will be donated to the Harrisburg Disaster Relief Fund. The fund was established by the Southern Illinois Community Foundation, a nonprofit, charitable organization in Illinois that hopes to engage the people of southern Illinois in building a tradition of philanthropy. If you would like more information about the Southern Illinois Community Foundation or the Harrisburg Disaster Relief Fund, please visit their website at www.sicf.org.

If you are interested in helping the people of Harrisburg and purchasing Let’s Go to the Ballpark! here is a short description of the book. The story follows Cole on his first journey to a professional baseball game. Let’s Go to the Ballpark! introduces children to the experience of attending a professional baseball game and the basic elements of the sport.

To some it may be shocking to see how many of our authors choose to donate proceeds to charitable foundations. However, it’s not surprising to us, here at Mascot Books. Working so closely with the creators of these children’s books allows us to see first-hand how much effort and love goes into every page.

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