Announcing Mascot Books’ December 1st Releases

Mascot Books is very excited to announce our December 1st releases! Check out what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:

The Westcoast Kid: In his compelling memoir, Waters chronicles the events that led up to taking a very different path in life—away from college and into the dangerous world of drug smuggling for Pablo Escobar’s cartel. As he became immersed in the lure of fast money and faster women, his life began spiraling downhill. Eventually, he was arrested and convicted of drug smuggling, forcing him to enter the turbulent prison system. Life behind the prison walls became a struggle to survive when fellow inmates found out his high school rival was NFL star Deion Sanders. Waters shares how he found the determination to rebuild his life after being released. Waters tells the inspiring story of his struggle to find his place in life, hoping to encourage young adults to shun bad choices, opt for the right path, and follow their dreams.

The Mystery of the Lost Recipe: Have you ever dreamed about solving mysteries in your community? Abby and Tommy love to solve mysteries in their small, beach town called Pismo. Today they are on an adventure to help Mr. Nut, the owner of The Orange Surf Restaurant, and find his lost recipe before it’s too late.

Mom! What’s That!: “Mom? What’s that?” This is a question that most kids ask as they learn about their surroundings. Join Mom and Sadie as their story brings happiness and fun back in reading. This book will help to motivate your child’s learning through rhyming patterns, language, and memorization skills.

Grandma! Can I Get a Dog?: Grandma! Can I Get a Dog? is about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson.  It starts out with Grandma and her grandson, Boy, going to the store. There, Boy asks Grandma to buy him a dog, but Grandma is not happy with this idea at all. Will Boy ever get a dog of his own?

Goodnight Tiger Stadium: Goodnight Tiger Stadium is a charming picture book written for children, but Tiger Fans of all ages are sure to enjoy it. It is filled with memorable events and happenings in and around Saturday Nights at LSU’s Tiger Stadium, aka “Death Valley.” It will be an ageless classic.

You Are a Kentucky Wildcat: See what it means to be a Kentucky Wildcat. A book for all ages.

When You Were a Baby Jayhawk: Watch a Baby Jayhawks fan grow up before your eyes. A book for University of Kansas fans of all ages.

I Wish I Could Go Navy: Will is a determined young goat who wishes he could go to school at the United States Naval Academy. One day, he makes up his mind to achieve his goal. He escapes from his farm by hitching a ride on the daily milk truck bound for Annapolis. Find out what is in store for Will as he chases his dream to GO NAVY!

They Call Me Horse: Horse doesn’t have a name. While on a search for the perfect one, he meets new friends and learns an important lesson. Join horse on his journey and see if you can discover the perfect name before he does.

Rainbow the Funky Chicken: Rainbow was born on a farm in Louisiana. Farmer Ted’s son, Joey chose her for his own and she was very happy, until she learned she was different. Poor little Rainbow couldn’t understand why her brothers and sisters didn’t like her, but she could always count on her mother. Times were hard until her life took a turn for the better. Rainbow can teach all of us a little something about being different.

Patrick Pretends: Patrick Pretends is a very entertaining and captivating rhyming story about five-year-old Patrick O’Shea. He is the twin brother of Patti from Patti’s Perfect Profession. Patrick claims that by using his imagination, he can be whatever he wants to be. Through first person narration, Patrick encourages his readers to do the same. He then takes his readers along on his hilarious, imaginary adventure. This colorful, clever story describes all the roles Patrick imagines he can portray. Giggle along with your children as you read about Patrick’s silly adventure!

Bronco Blue!: The Boise State Broncos have become a juggernaut in the college football world. From trick plays to blue football fields, the Broncos are always exciting to watch! They are feared by opponents. They are loved by their faithful fans. Come take a look inside the big, blue world of Boise State football!

Along the Way, Along the Way, to the Ocean Today: Percussious Hill comes upon a beautiful woman on the beach that seems very sad. Through some of her clues and help from a friend, Percussious Hill is able to solve this mystery. Learn along with Percussious Hill why this woman is so sad.

Buzz’s Game Day Rules: Come along with Buzz as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Buzz teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional Georgia Tech way!

F is for Football: A is for America’s favorite sport. Z is for zero minutes on the clock. Experience football from A to Z and everything in between.

Kafiya Meets the Moon: Imagination comes to life in this story of a little girl fascinated with the moon. When Kafiya’s Auntie Yaya tells her that the full moon has a face, Kafiya goes in search of the moon to see if it can talk. Kafiya’s story will warm every mother’s heart while inspiring their children to believe in the impossible. Enter Kafiya’s world where anything you can imagine is within your reach.

Let’s Go Mountaineers!: The Mountaineer loves being the mascot for West Virginia University. He is proud of the beautiful campus and wonderful students and faculty, but he just wishes he had someone to share it with. Follow Mountaineer and his new friend, Musket, on a tour around West Virginia’s campus. Along with Musket, learn about all the things that make West Virginia University special.

Nittany Lion Gets a Big Surprise: Nittany Lion receives an invitation to come to Beaver Stadium. He is curious so he decides to go and is greeted with a very big surprise.

Go, Rebels! Go! Fight! Win!: Henry is very excited to go to his first UNLV basketball game. Uncle Larry picks him up, gets some instructions from Mom, and off they go to the fanfare of the Thomas & Mack Center. Join Henry and Uncle Larry on their eventful trip to a Runnin’ Rebels basketball game!

A Healthier You with Sophia and Sue: Take a journey with Sophia and her friend, Sue, as they learn how to stay active and eat right. Read along as they show their friends that little girls can make a big difference and little changes can go a long way!

Swoop’s Story: Follow Swoop around the campus of Eastern Michigan University as he makes his way to Rynearson Stadium for the big game. A book for EMU fans of all ages.

It’s been a busy month, but we’re ready to start another year!

Write away!

         –  Naren

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