Announcing Mascot Books’ November Releases

AComicVision_AmazonA Comic Vision of Great Constancy Since ancient times people have recognized a pattern of experience and a quality of mind that attend the survival and the prospering of individuals, their families, and their nations. They called the linking of these things wisdom. In addition, the ancients observed that wisdom belongs to everyone born into this world as an innate potential. For that potential to be realized, though, they understood that human beings require a structure to help them recognize an experience as the voice of wisdom. A Comic Vision argues that comedy provides that structure and embodies that voice. There’s always a need for this. As Homer did before them, Chaucer and Shakespeare have constructed a poetic vehicle that functions like an ark for transporting its living cargo through perilous floods, and it’s as well-built and seaworthy as any we are like to know.   ADogNamedChamp_AmazonA Dog Named Champ The Game Ball is missing! Can Champ, the Golden Retriever, save the day? Follow Champ as he searches the historic University of Alabama campus, meeting Big Al, the cheerleaders, the Million Dollar Band, and others along the way. Will the Tide get to play?           AllByMyself_Amazon All By Myself Sometimes we just want to be all by ourselves, and that’s okay! Open this book and learn a little bit about people who enjoy being on their own and maybe a little something about yourself.           Aidan,TheLuckiestBabyInTown_AmazonAidan the Luckiest Baby in Town The number 7 has always been considered “the luckiest number on earth”. Take, for example, the seven wonders of the ancient world, the seven continents, the seven days of the week, and the list goes on. This book introduces you to Aidan, the luckiest of them all! Aidan’s journey begins on the 7th day, in 7th month, on the 7th year. Meet his family, his dog, his neighbors, and his friends who surround Aidan with love and joy, truly making him the luckiest kid in town!       ChampsGDR_AmazonChamp’s Game Day Rules Come along with Champ as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Champ teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional Dallas Mavericks way!           EverybodyLovesHazel_Amazon Everybody Loves Hazel Meet Hazel, a lovable chick who helps out a few friends while on her way to pick up her pink birthday cake. Because of her happy heart, her friends begin to follow her on this exciting journey into town. Join Hazel in this celebration of love and friendship and see how just a few small acts of kindness can make all her birthday wishes come true.         FluidMotionFactor_AmazonThe Fluid Motion Factor You walk off the course after playing your best round in years. Someone asks you why you played so well. You are at a loss for words. This book thoroughly answers that question.               GreenBeretPocketGuideToTerrorismAwarenessAndPersonalSecurity_AmazonGreen Beret Pocket Guide to Terrorism Awareness and Personal Security Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the United States of America and the free world have been on a heightened state of alert in an effort to thwart future terrorist activity. It is imperative that American citizens take protective measures to ensure vigilance and the hardening of potential US targets at home and abroad. It is necessary to understand the terrorist threats that exist and what measures must be taken to decrease our vulnerability.           How Do You Dream? HowDoYouDream_Amazon Sofia speaks both English and Spanish, but is told one day at school that, “You only really know a language when you dream in it.” So what language does Sofia dream in? Help her find an answer.             HowFireFlyName_AmazonHow the Firefly Got Its Name This is an enchanting story of how the firefly got its name. Night, after night, Hermi would try to deliver messages from the gods to the mortals living on earth. However, he had so much difficulty seeing where he was going that the gods decided to intervene, giving him a wonderful gift.     KiwanisFamilyFun_AmazonKiwanis Family Fun Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. We take our motto to heart as we continue to Serve the Children of the World.           TheLifeSaver_AmazonThe Life Saver Harold is the new the kid in town and just met his first friend, Danny. Little does he know that this quaint harbor town will soon become an action-packed adventure and their innocent exploring will bring them to the doorstep of life-threatening danger! The unfamiliar sounds of Harold’s new home town just might become their only hope.         LillibethTheLadybugAndTheLessonOfHope_AmazonLillibeth the Ladybug Meet Lillibeth, a little ladybug who worries too much, and her dog friend, Bea. Lillibeth learns some important life lessons from Bea about hope, faith, and love in this little story about not giving up.           LuckytheReindeer_AmazonLucky the Reindeer Santa has always had nine reindeer pull his sleigh, but the one in the lead was not always the one with the nose aglow. This is the story of Santa’s original lead reindeer and why it is important to always remember the true meaning of Christmas.           MagicalUnicorn,The_AmazonThe Three Little Girls and the Magical Unicorn The Three Little Girls are two sisters and a cousin who learn an important lesson in facing fear and believing in themselves. Find out if, with the help of the Magical Unicorn, La-La and Furry can help Flower take a risk and GO FOR IT!           NittanyLion'sPennsylvaniaVacation_AmazonNittany Lion’s Pennsylvania Vacation Nittany Lion decides to vacation in the beautiful Pennsylvania outdoors. Join him while he tries to decide when and where he will go.               SkintKnee_AmazonSkint Knee, Texas: Narratives on the Great Transition Real people make the best stories. The characters of these true-life recollections are at once distinct yet familiar, as they bounce from comedic to thoughtful to episodes of heart-stirring loss. Their lives wind through a single brief moment as the culture of America shifted. What was left behind had not merely been changed, it had become a vanishing ghost. Strangely, it was almost as if someone didn’t want us to notice — or remember.         SouthernHeritageGDR_AmazonSouthern Heritage Classic Game Day Rules Join Tiger and Blue Bengal Tiger on a Southern Heritage Classic game day adventure. Throughout a fun-filled day of watching a parade, tailgating, and attending the exciting football game between Tennessee State and Jackson State, Tiger and Blue Bengal teach lessons in manners, safety, and good sportsmanship. Of course, the Southern Heritage Classic also features the well-known and always exciting BATTLE OF THE BANDS!       StormyTerribleTwister_AmazonStormy and the Case of the Terrible Twister Oh no! It looks like there’s a twister on its way to the ballpark! Come along with Stormy and find out if he can save the day.             ThankYouForTexasAM_AmazonThank You For Texas A&M Show your gratitude for the sacrifices your family and friends made to send you to the wonderful Texas A&M University. Share with them the sights, traditions, and memories that made your education so special and worthwhile. Gig ’em Aggies®!     ThankYouForVirginiaTech_MBWebThank You For Virginia Tech Show your gratitude for the sacrifices your family and friends made to send you to your wonderful university. Share with them the sights, traditions, and memories that made your education so special and worth while.     WhereDoBalloonsGo_AmazonWhere Do Balloons Go? Have you ever had a balloon slip away from you into the sky and wonder…where do balloons go?

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