Announcing Mascot Books’ November Releases!

Mascot Books is very excited to announce our November releases! Check out what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:


Dreaming of the Redcoat Band: Jody dreams of running across the Sanford Stadium field and Dad helps to make the dream come true. If your blood runs Red and Black, if you dream Bulldog dreams, this book is for you.


My Daddy is in Heaven with Jesus: Acie and her mother experience a great loss. Through their faith and love for each other, they find strength. This journey to acceptance is not an easy one but because of this tragedy, Acie and her mother are able to show the true meaning of family.


>When You’re in His Garden: Sometimes the world can seem like it’s full of loneliness and rejection. Join a hopeful little girl on her journey to discovering the unconditional love of God. Through the beautiful metaphor of a garden and the vibrant images, this book will show every child that they are special and loved, just the way God made them. This book paints acceptance and confidence on the canvas of a child’s heart.


The Red Poinsettia Sled Ride: Days before Christmas, a seven-year-old boy and his puppy are given a task to perform. They travel by sled through the neighborhood which brings them to meet old friends, to fight off a snowball attack, and see wild animals on the edge of the forest. As Christmas approaches, this is a good bedtime story to read to your kids, and get everybody into the Christmas spirit!


The Three Sisters: Three Strangers visit a town that is planning to build Paradise Hills, a housing development complete with golf course and swimming pool. But what about the ducks, the geese, and the other wildlife? Where will they live when the ground is cleared for the houses? Find out what happens to the animal families that call Paradise Hills home.


Game Day with Swoop: Tag along with Swoop, the muscle-bound mascot from the University of Utah, as he cheers the Utes on to victory! Read and see how this red-tailed hawk prepares for Utah football games and see the many traditions that make Utah Utes football and Swoop so special. From firing cannons to leading The MUSS, it’s all in a day’s work for our feathered friend, Swoop!


Otto’s ABC’s: Learn the ABC’s by following beloved mascot, Otto, across the Syracuse University campus in this delightful adventure. Vibrant illustrations by renowned artist, Michael Borkowski, lead new readers from A to Z with charm and whimsy. Perfect for Syracuse University fans of all ages! With Otto as your guide, learning the alphabet is as easy as A, B, C!


Tell Me about Truman the Tiger: It’s football season once again and young Tiger fans are excited to see their favorite mascot Truman. Join Hayden and Aubrey on game day as they learn all about the history of Truman the Tiger from their Grandpa Johnson. From discovering the “Fightin Tigers” in the Civil War to enjoying Truman’s famous tail spin today, this book is sure to be a treasure for Mizzou fans of all ages.


Scar, the Helpful Wolf: Scar roams about his territory, Newberry College, helping people on game day. Cindy cannot find her uncle. Her best friend, Thomas, and his Mommy try to help, but they can’t find Uncle John either. Can Scar help find Cindy’s uncle in time for the big game?


Hello, Rowdy!: Follow Rowdy around the campus of Colorado Mesa University as he makes his way to the football stadium for the big game.


I Love My SSU!: It’s homecoming at Savannah State University! Follow the Tiger around SSU’s campus as he makes his way to Theodore A. Wright Stadium for the big football game. With playful illustrations and fun facts about the school, this book is perfect for fans of all ages who love their SSU!


Can I Be President, Too?: What do you dream of becoming when you grow up? What if you could be the President of the United States of America? Can I Be President, Too? is an inspiring story about a little boy named Henry Hopeful whose curiosity about President Barack Obama leads him to discover his own dream career.


Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes: Leaving a Legacy: There are many books out there about famous Louisiana athletes and their accomplishments, but little is said about their contributions beyond the field/court. So many of our state’s greatest and lesser known athletes and coaches have used their fame, successes, and faith to make sure those less fortunate get the help they need. Whether it’s Warrick Dunn and his famous “Homes for the Holidays” program or Sid Edwards and his work with autism, these athletes and coaches are perfect examples of using success for good.


One Letter at a Time: Rick Hoyt was born a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Doctors advised his parents that their offspring would be “nothing more than a vegetable.” The Hoyts ignored this dour prediction and their “bouncing baby vegetable” has lived a life overflowing with accomplishments. Read the inspirational story as told by Rick Hoyt, who uses his specially designed computer along with his unique method of communicating, to share his amazing story.


Big Al’s Game Day Rules (Nov. 9): Come along with Big Al as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Big Al will teach manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional University of Alabama way!


Cowbell Tales (Nov. 15): Almost every Mississippi State fan has a cowbell and every cowbell has a tale. It’s these stories that make the cowbell tradition so special. In this book, you will see everything from the use of cowbells in celebrations to the ultimate cowbell collections. This book captures what it means to be a Bulldog. Open this book and learn about the people, their bells, and their tales.


Badges, Egg Salad, and Green Jackets: The Masters from A to Z (Nov. 16): Badges, Egg Salad, and Green Jackets: The Masters A to Z captures the rich history and traditions of the Masters Tournament. Find out what kind of food is served, some of the tournament rules, and the landmarks of this famous sporting event. Written and illustrated by Georgia natives Julie Alfriend Ferris and Joshua Henry Thomas, this book introduces children to one of the four major championships in professional golf, but is perfect for fans of all ages.


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– Naren

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