Announcing Mascot Books’ October Releases

9781620868713 Albert and Alberta go to Washington: Take a trip with Albert and Alberta as they visit our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. From soaring high above D.C. in Air Force One to dining with the President and First Lady and a state dinner, Albert and Alberta experience the ultimate D.C. tour.               9781620867389Alfie the Allergic Alligator Goes to School: Alfie helps children learn about food allergies and how to cope with the diagnosis. Alfie experiences several emotions as he deals with starting school among his non allergic peers. This book will encourage discussion and help children, parents, and teachers promote food allergy awareness and acceptance.             9781620868003Ari Loves the Holidays: Enter the magical world of Ari Love the Holidays, where each holiday takes on a new meaning. Join Ari as he celebrates with fireworks and presents, goes on an Easter egg hunt, passes out a valentine, puts on his favorite costume, and so much more! Each holiday is filed with love, color, family, and cheer. Read on to see what all the excitement is about. Happy Holidays!             9781620866740Blacksburg A to Z: In Blacksburg, you’ll find fun and adventure everywhere you turn.                   9781620868867The Boy who Skated with Dragons: “Reach for the stars and follow your heart. Your dreams can take you far.” The Boy Who Skated with Dragons is a fun and exciting picture book with an inspirational story and positive messages.               9781620868355Ervest the Magic Squirrel: Gilroy is about as average as one could be. Then one day, Gilroy saves a squirrel, Ervest, and discovers a magical secret. Join Gilroy as he learns that what he has and who he is makes him extraordinary.               9781620868973Goodnight, Gamecocks: A timeless children’s classic with a garnet and black twist, Goodnight, Gamecocks takes readers inside the historic University of South Carolina campus from the Horseshoe to Williams Brice Stadium               9781620867877Hannah and the Kingdom of Bugbears:  A fantasy adventure in which the young Hannah sets off on a great journey to rescue the Princess Aleena from the clutches of the Bugbear prince, who plans on marrying her! Hannah is joined by the king’s most trusted men: Minister Lucas, Commander Jacov, Chef Maatia, and Prince Ronald, the princess’ betrothed, and encounters many new dangers and friends along the way. Get ready for an adventure like no other as Hannah and friends enter the Kingdom of Bugbears and discover the true meaning of courage and unconditional love!           9781620862353 Hook ‘em’s Game Day Rules: Come along with Hook ‘Em as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Herky taches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional University Texas way!                 9781620867761 I Knew Cinderella: The tragic events that took the life of Maritza Medina were witnessed on live television. This book is a grieving husband’s endeavor to share more of what Maritza was; more than what could be seen in those few seconds. During their life together, these two kids gave their own meaning to the words relationship, love, and forever.                 9781620868010Land of theFree A to Z: From sea to sea, there are many reasons to love the Land of the Free. Take an A to Z journey and find out why this small boy is proud to be an American!                 9781620867150Let’s Lion Up with Roomie: From the shade of Friendship Oak to the seats of Strawberry Stadium, Roomie shares traditions – old and new – with Southeastern’s Littlest Lion fans!                 9781620868027Sammy: Sammy would peck at the bedroom window at 6 a.m. every morning expecting a hot breakfast. She loved taking a bath in the kitchen sink and riding on bicycle handles or your shoulder, until she got too big. This little story has a big message. Sammy is not just a story about friendship. What else can you learn about Sammy when you read it?             9781620865262 Sista Me: Wah gwan! That means hello in Jamaican. Come and experience a little piece of the island through a vibrant little girl known as Sista Me. She is fun and adventurous, however her daring personality often lands her in tough situations. However, her grandfather, Jaggy, frequently comes to her rescue when she needs him the most. Can his words of wisdom help Sista Me as she once again finds herself in a pickle? Should she stay or should she go? See if Sista Me truly learns the meaning of every mikkel make a mukkel.         9781620867648Table Talk and Pillow Talk: How satisfied are you in your marriage? How well has the garden of your marriage been cultivated? Does it need some tender care and attention? Are you in the process of finding or dumping a mate? Are you important to you? Do you like yourself? Love yourself? Do you have peace in your life? Do you know the secret of living well? Are you where you want to be in your emotional and moral growth? If any of these questions intrigues you, read on…                 9781620868805Thank you for the University of Michigan: Share your gratitude for the sacrifices your family and friends made to send you to your wonderful university. Share with them the sights, traditions, and memories that made your education so special and worth while.         9781620868058Why Not You? Join Zack on a journey chasing his sports dreams! This heartwarming story follows Zack who loves nothing more than sharing his hopes with his mother, as she guides him to be whatever his heart desires. Why Not You? will show every child that no matter how big an aspiration may seem when you’re little, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with determination, a lot of heart, and family.             9781620867617 Woolly and Furry get Lost: Dig into the Ice Age and read about the fun adventures of Woolly and Furry! The little rhinos get separated from their mom and dad, and go on a journey to find them. Along the way strange things happen, other animals appear, and danger lurks nearby. Find out how it all turns out for Woolly and Furry!             9781620866344 Year of the Dragon: When Jake’s dad moved the family to China for his new job, Jake was forced to leave everything he’d ever known behind. There doesn’t seem to be anything for him in “the land of broken sticks” except for noise, loneliness, and confusion. But who knows? With the help of early morning tai-chi warriors, breakfast dumplings, and his Dutch neighbor Martin, maybe Jake can make this new life work after all.             9781620868454You are a Louisville Cardinal: Open up, take a look. Follow the Cardinal in the book. Cheer him on the Louisville way. You are a Louisville Cardinal today.

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