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Announcing Mascot Books’ October Releases!

Mascot Books is very excited to announce our October releases! Check out what we’ve been up to the last few weeks:

Hello, Sebastian!: Follow Sebastian around the campus of the University of Miami as he makes his way to the football stadium for the big game.

Hello, Nittany Lion!: Follow Nittany Lion around the campus of Penn State as he makes his way to Beaver Stadium for the big game.

Cocky Gets His Crow: Cocky has always loved to watch the Gamecocks play. He loved the excitement, and most of all, meeting other fellow Gamecock fans. One day, while enjoying a baseball game, Cocky runs into the Littlest Fan, a very curious child. The Littlest Fan is determined to help Cocky learn to crow and proves that with a little determination and persistence, anything is possible.

Patti’s Perfect Profession: A humorous, lively, and colorful story about a five-year-old girl named Patti O’Shea. Patti just can’t seem to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. Due to her unique orange hair, she first proclaims that she’ll be a hair-dresser. Patti practices on her friends, and when they laugh at her wacky hairdos, Patti decides to change her profession. Read this heart-warming story to discover what Patti will decide to become next!

Mrs. Crawdad Gets Homesick: Mrs. Crawdad’s curiosity and lively spirit takes her farther down the riverbank than she has ever been. In this story, Mrs. Crawdad teaches us that sometimes, we encounter unfortunate things in life which may cause us to slow down, but they also allow us to open our eyes and look more closely at the world around us. Mrs. Crawdad discovers with each new season, we have new chances to renew our life with a positive outlook.

Crocodile Smile: Three baby boys, Tip, Bip, and Flip, are out to find adventure at the local park. They soon find a new playmate but, to their mother’s dismay, it is a cranky old crocodile!

Michael the Coyote: Michael is a coyote in Texas with very itchy feet. He doesn’t want to stay in one place. Michael wants to go on an adventure. He has dreams so big they can’t be ignored. How far would you go to follow your dreams?

Will You Be My Flower Girl?: Kate’s favorite aunt is getting married! She’s so happy for Aunt Sara, but confused, too. Aunt Sara has asked Kate to be her flower girl. With her powerful imagination, Kate sees herself in many strange situations because of this new role. Join Kate and Aunt Sara on a fun adventure to discover what a flower girl is and her important job in the wedding.

Hello, Bobby the Bobcat!: Follow Bobby around the campus of Frostburg State University.

The Spirit Tree at Toomer’s Corner(October 22): A magical story for both children and adults, taking place in Auburn, Alabama. This book was created to remember the beloved Auburn Oaks and the tradition dear to its fans hearts at Auburn University. After game day wins, fans adore the tree by wrapping him in toilet paper, showing him their true admiration for the memories he has given them. Fans of all ages will be touched by this timeless tale of a school’s spirit and a magical tradition!

Victor the Friendly Vampire series (TBD): Set in a beautiful coastal town in Northern Michigan, this story of a friendly vampire is sure to capture your heart and mind. With historical references and lighthouse lore, author Jeffray Kessler introduces the reader to a world of sailing and adventure that he holds close to his heart. The trilogy, Victor the Friendly Vampire, will speak to both natives and visitors of Lake Michigan.

          – Naren

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