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August Releases

by James G. Colt Liberty Lost: How Debt Destroyed Our Freedoms is a political and economical thriller. When the United States economy crashes, Mark Slade finds himself in the midst of a crumbling country and the most trusted ally of Governor Jim McBane. Together, they found the New Republic, which becomes a leading economic power and major concern for China.
by Jack Struble Major Violators: Los Angeles is an action-packed crime novel following the elite Major Violators Section of the Los Angeles Police Department. A member of this elite unit, Detective Justin Bertram works to bring down the powerful Sonora Cartel while trying to solve the increasingly suspicious mystery of his father’s death. However, as he digs further and further, Detective Bertram uncovers more secrets than he ever expected.
by Ken Rietz Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight by Ken Rietz is an autobiographical story about a prominent member of the world of politics. Born in Wisconsin, Ken became a political consultant and worked with some of history’s most well-known senators and presidents. But by age forty-nine, Ken was legally blind. Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight depicts Ken’s memories and personal stories.
by Wayde Byard These are stories every fan should know about the Washington Redskins and a few your father wouldn’t tell you. it’s the definitive account of the men (and at least one strong-willed woman) who created and defined a team that has captivated millions for more than eighty years.
by Charles Beck Carnival Weekend in Venice is a photographic book of poems by Charles R. Beck.
by JeffrAy N. Kessler Colantha: A Beloved World Champion Cow is a historical children’s book about a real cow from Traverse City, Michigan. Throughout her life, Colantha provides the locals with love, excitement, and plenty of milk.
by Sherri Graves Smith Bayou Classic Game Day Rules is a children’s book by Sherri Graves Smith. Join Jaguar and Tiger for the annual football game between Grambling State University and Southern University.  
by Chris Ehlinger Can Petey Rex find his way on Pterodactyl Island? He’s the only T-Rex on the whole island and has a lot of things to learn, problems to solve,and trouble to avoid. Come join Petey and Tommy for an adventure with bats, balls,and one big problem…
by Robert Vazquez Join a group of friends as they head to their favorite place for a ball game, Yankee Stadium! Experience the excitement as they make their way through the city and relive the fun of watching America’s favorite pastime!
by Addison Farrell Reel in a good seat and turn the pages to learn about a young girl with a passion for fishing and the outdoors. Join her as she embarks on epic adventures with her father, who raised her all by himself from the time she was just a sprout. As her father watches her grow, he sees her meet another who shares their passion for fishing. Follow along and find out where their story goes!
by Matt Scott FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! What YOUR brain can do! FINALLY, a FUN user’s guide for everyone new! Level 1 What Color Is Your Butterfly? “Do you want to hear a secret before you’re tucked into bed? One that will amaze you and sweep through your head?” AMAZING and MAGICAL this secret I’ll share… To all boys and all girls who dream and who dare!
by Matt Scott FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! What YOUR brain can do! FINALLY, a FUN user’s guide for everyone new! Level 2 Have You Ever Thanked a Rainbow? What will you to DO today? Who will you BE? For everything is a miracle, I’ll show you, you’ll see! Twenty-four hours, this day will last. So inflate your chest and let’s get to the task!
by Reetu Dua Ari Loves the Continents is the third book in the children’s series by Reetu Dua. Join Ari as he journeys to each continent for exciting sights!
by Linda Reid Hobo Finds a Home is a true story about a puppy named Ginger who grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley during the “great recession”. Many families lost their homes during this time and were forced to relocate. Of course, many family pets were also on the move. Ginger was one of the many dogs whose fate was uncertain. Her story describes her courageous journey to find her forever home. Even though she faced many challenges along the way, she remained hopeful that she would find a forever home with a family that truly loved her.
by Lynsey Howell Finding Amelia is a children’s picture book by Lynsey Howell. Join Amelia and her flying companion, Zulu, as they travel through time with a famous guest!
by Kathy Borkoski and Kristin Kavanaugh Go Baby, Beat Army is a children’s sports and recreation book about the annual Army-Navy football game! When Baby steps on the field, it’s up to him to help his team to victory!
by Kyle and Brandi McElhaney Founders Force: Truth Jotter and the Declaration is a historical fiction children’s book that teaches children about the earliest years of the United States of America. In Founders Force: Truth Jotter and the Declaration, Truth Jotter enlists the help of his friends to write a Declaration to free America from Britain’s grasp.
by George Kingsley Hewan Jr., Ed.D Son of Jamaica: Maxwell Meets the Maxwells is a children’s book by George Kingsley Hewan Jr., Ed.D. Join Maxwell on his first adventure to meet his family in Jamaica.
by Dawn Thompson Barnyard Bully is a children’s book by Dawn Thompson. All around the farm, the animals aren’t getting along. Learn with the animals how to spot and stop bullying.
  FergusWeeLittleGoat_Cover   FERGUS THE WEE LITTLE GOAT
by P.J. Whiggens Fergus is a wee little goat, so small his siblings won’t let him play on the hillside. But when his siblings get caught in a sticky situation, can wee little Fergus help them?
by Suzanne M. Malpass The Cochise County Cat: A True Arizona Tale is a children’s people and places book about a cat who goes missing in Cochise County, Arizona. When Troya gets lost in the middle of the night, it takes a team of three selfless people to help bring her home.
by Rebecca Campbell Jessy Grows Up is a children’s book by Rebecca Campbell.
by Jenna Mayo My First Auburn Baseball Book: Letters Around the Baseball Diamond is a children’s sports book about the Auburn University baseball team. Readers can follow along with the alphabet to learn more about Auburn baseball.
by Emily Grosvenor “Tiny Tessa Truman-Ling saw patterns in the coolest things!” Join Tessa in this children’s book to discover the wonderful world of tessellations!
by Anita Iaco It’s Election Day, and Miss Jenn’s students have to vote for the official class fruit. Three students are chosen to speak for the banana, the orange, and the apple. They present some nice and some not-so-nice reasons why their fruit should receive the most votes. While only one fruit wins, everyone learns how important it is to make promises you can keep, tell the truth, and be nice.
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