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Celebrating Earth Day

By Emily Evans-Miller

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate our planet’s natural beauty and all the creatures who live here, we’re sharing a handful of our favorite nature-themed titles.

Check out the full list below!

The Fate of the Frog

By Melissa Rooney, Ph.D.

This Dr. Seuss-inspired tale by Melissa Rooney follows one frog’s plight to escape its evaporating birth puddle in a setting plagued by drought. Richly illustrated and written with lyrical mastery, this heartfelt story emphasizes the importance of water resources and is sure to capture the imaginations of children and adults, alike.

Why We Love It

Melissa Rooney thoughtfully explores the consequences of climate change in a style reminiscent of The Lorax. We love the rhyme scheme and how perfectly approachable Rooney frames the problem for kids.

Fantastic Features of Peculiar Creatures

By Amy Solaro

Did you know…

Vampire bats love to share,

And proboscis monkeys have beautiful hair!

Vultures keep our planet clean,

And dung beetles are far from mean!

You’ll learn even more when you open this book,

So sit back, relax, and take a look!

Why We Love It

It’s rare for an adorable book like this one to introduce different creatures. Earth Day is all about celebrating biodiversity, not just the cuddly creatures we know and love. With a fun rhyme scheme and colorful illustrations by the author, Amy Solaro’s work is one you won’t want to miss.

Henry the Manatee

By Claire Lawrence

Follow the story of the unique marine mammal, Henry the Manatee, as he navigates life in the waters of Southwest Florida.

Why We Love It

Manatees are among the most beloved species in the West Indies. Unfortunately, they are also a threatened species. Henry’s story highlights the importance of habitat and animal conservation in a fun kid-friendly way.

In My National Park Backyard

By Erin Thomas

From the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon to the oyster-shell paths of Jamestown, adventure lies around every corner for Erin Elizabeth, for her backyard is the United States National Parks! Will she be a speleologist exploring underwater caves in Big Spring today? A volcanologist studying geysers at Yellowstone? With a little creativity, Erin Elizabeth can be anything she wants to be…in her national park backyard!

Why We Love It

In My National Park Backyard focuses on the natural treasures of the United States: our National Parks system. Erin Thomas uses her adorable story to teach kids about different parks, their environments, and why they’re important to take care of.

The Nittany Lion and Earth Day

By Denise L. Kaminsky

Nittany Lion™ is always helping others in any way he can. He inspires everyone to be an Everyday Super Hero!

Why We Love It

Denise Kaminsky’s hit series about the Nittany Lion’s acts of heroism includes this fun tale about saving the Earth. This one is a perfect read for Penn State fans of all ages.

ROPOS and the Underwater Volcano

By Dana Manalang

Whoa! An underwater volcano has just erupted! It’s up to ROPOS to explore the sea floor and find out what’s going on down there. Luckily, ROPOS is a robot made to travel deep into the ocean! Come along as ROPOS discovers strange rock formations and unique sea creatures while working to discover the secrets of the volcano.

Why We Love It

Author Dana Manalang real-life scientific research uses robots just like ROPOS to explore environments where humans cannot go, like an erupting volcano on the seafloor. Give the STEM-minded kid in your life a glimpse at some of nature’s wildest sites.

Shelly the Sea Turtle

By Lane McDanal

Shelly the sea turtle loves the ocean and the beach, but she needs your help to keep these habitats safe for her and her family. Can you help Shelly by learning how to protect her environment from the dangers on the sand and in the water?

Why We Love It

Sea turtle protection has been a hot-button topic of late. Author Lane McDanal’s adorable tale teaches children the importance of keeping our oceans and beaches clean for these adorable animals.

Wayne the Whale

By Morgan Leary

Join Wayne on his journey to help save the ocean!

Wayne is a huge humpback whale happily spending his days swimming, playing, doing tricks, and hunting for food in his majestic ocean home. But when he mistakenly eats plastic thinking it’s food, he gets into some serious trouble…and ends up beached on the shoreline! Will the marine biologists be able to return him to his home, so he can help spread the word to other aquatic mammals about staying safe?

Why We Love It

Pollution is affecting our ocean life in a big way. Author Morgan Leary hopes to save the whales through educating future generations with Wanye’s adventures.

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