Celebrating Pride Month!

The month of June is Pride Month, and to celebrate we’re rounding up all of our favorite LGBTQ- themed titles!

Check out the full list below!

A Normal Turtle

-By Doug Reynolds

This story is different from “normal,” it’s said, A boy born as a fox, raised a turtle instead!

It’s so hard when you’re small to tell left from right, So imagine, I ask, our little kit’s plight. Will he be brave? Only time can tell

If our poor little fox will come out of his shell…

Why We Love It

A Normal Turtle teaches children that they should celebrate who they are and all that makes them unique. It’s filled with fun rhymes and awesome illustrations by author-illustrator Doug Reynolds that really bring the characters to life. An adorable story perfect for every family!

An Actual Family

-By Doug Reynolds

An Actual Family tells the story of Agatha, an otter adopted by two penguin dads who starts to question whether or not she fits in. After being teased for being different than her parents, Agatha sets off with her best friend to find her “actual family.” On her journey, Agatha meets animals of every type, in families of every sort, and begins to re-think her idea of what a family must be. Perhaps she will discover that her actual family has been right in front of her the whole time…

Why We Love It

This modern-day fable teaches that there is not just one definition of what a family is and how to appreciate the one you have. An Actual Family was written for children adopted into LGBTQ+ families but is also great for the classroom!

Independent Queers

-By Philip McAdoo

Independent Queers by educator, activist, and former Broadway actor Dr. Philip McAdoo is a culmination of work over the years. Containing over 35 distinguished voices in the space, Independent Queers is an ultimately searing exploration—featuring teachers of all grade levels—that will resonate for generations to come.

Why We Love It

Dr. McAdoo gives his readers insights into the world of fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community in personal, public, and professional places. This piece is insightful and will leave readers with a different perspective on what orientation discriination look like in an everyday context and how it can be combated.

Out and About Dad

-By Jim Joseph

Out and About Dad chronicles my personal journey as a father, raising my children in what was at the time a very unconventional home. It’s a raw and honest portrayal of life as a gay father back in the day…the only sugar coating is on the gingerbread houses we made one year for Christmas.

It’s not easy for any parent; we all struggle in our own way. But when I was going through a divorce, coming out as a gay man, and being a primary caregiver for my children, there was no one out there telling our story. There were no role models, no support groups, and no hashtags.

Why We Love It

This autobiography will leave readers inspired as they journey through author Jim Joseph’s roller coaster life of being a gay parent of two while balancing his serious relationship and career.  Based during the 90s, this story shows a true testament how we’ve progressed as a society.

Boy with the Rainbow Heart

-By William Mason

In the town of Gray, there is only rain and dark,

Every house, every person, every park—

Except for one little boy whose heart is a shining, colorful array!

Can a boy with a big and bright rainbow heart bring color and happiness to Gray?

Why We Love It

This story teaches children the importance of acceptance and diversity with beautiful illustrations that transition from black and white to brilliant color. It’s sure to make any child’s heart full!

The Boy with the Rainbow Heart and the Invasion of Big Angry Red

-By William Mason

In the town of Shine, the boy with the rainbow heart touches everyone’s hearts and makes them glow. But what happens when Big Angry Red shows up starts bullying everyone? Can the boy with the rainbow heart make Big Angry Red stop being mean to everybody and instead have love in his heart? The Boy with the Rainbow Heart and the Invasion of the Big Angry Red is a story that’s sure to touch you and your child’s hearts.

Why We Love It

This is the second book in Mason’s LGBTQ children’s series and it does not disappoint. This story teaches children the negative effects of bullying and how to show acceptance for their classmates. 5% of proceeds from sales will be donated to GLSEN, an organization that brings awareness to LGBTQ issues in education across the United States!

By Nelia Dashiell

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