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Children’s Books New Releases!

ArnieCatchesACold_MBWebArnie Catches a Cold This is a story about the animals at the CAPE Animal Sanctuary located in Grass Valley, California. When Arnie the rooster comes down with a cold, his animal friends react to his sickness with concern. Without Arnie to welcome the day, what should they do? Call 911? Give him a pill? When gentle hands take Arnie away, the animals wonder if he will ever come back. Arnie’s story is one of friendship, love, and the joy of crowing.The CAPE Animal Sanctuary and can be found at
Rupert'sParchment-StoryOfMagnaCarta_MBWebRupert’s Parchment: Story of Magna Carta Rupert, son of a local parchment maker, has a ringside seat at the historic sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede meadow in England in the year 1215. RUPERT’S PARCHMENT, STORY OF MAGNA CARTA, a book of historical fiction, tells the exciting story of the fight for the principles of liberty secured in Magna Carta.
InvisibleIzzy_MBWebInvisible Izzy Takes the Stage For Isabelle or “Izzy,” having Dyslexia isn’t easy. When the kids at school start calling her “Invisible Izzy”, all she can do is sink down in her chair and feel miserable and embarrassed by her inability to read and pronounce words correctly. When Izzy’s teacher, Ms. Henley, announces an upcoming school play, Izzy is scared. How can she find the courage to step out in front of the curtain?
TooPerfectForEarth_MBWebToo Perfect for This Earth Sometimes babies come into our families, and sometimes they are needed back in heaven. Either way, they are a part of our families forever. In this story, learn where those babies go that must leave, and who they’re with. It’s hard to say goodbye, but you’ll learn, you don’t have to.
BuckeyeBlockParty,The_AmazonThe Buckeye Block Party Share the magic of Ohio State football 365 days a year with this new release from our set of Buckeye Kids Books.  There has not been a set of children’s books like this that shares the pageantry and great traditions of Ohio State and the Ohio State-Michigan game.  Our Buckey Kids Books series has already been used as a literacy tool in several elementary school classrooms across Central Ohio.  Teachers and principals have already raved about the educational value of these books.  A portion of the author’s proceeds from each book goes to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer.  
DayIMetWoody,The_AmazonThe Day I Met Woody Growing up in Ohio in the 1970s meant that you knew about Woody Hayes. I watched my dad, my mom, my brothers, and my sister watch Woody coach the Buckeyes every fall. Little did I know, that one day, I would actually meet Woody and he would change my life forever.
GreatMonteMystery_MBWebThe Great Monte Mystery Everyone’s favorite Grizzly, University of Montana mascot Monte, leads children on an action-packed adventure around Missoula in search of the lost game-day football. Monte, a two-time National Mascot of the Year, visits all of Missoula’s most beloved landmarks, including the M on Mount Sentinel, Main Hall, the Missoula Carousel, and the Clark Fork River, to solve the mystery of the missing football.
BigBuckyBadgerMystery_MBWebThe Big Bucky Badger Mystery Bucky’s on the loose! Everyone’s favorite University of Wisconsin Badger has a mystery to solve…
IsMyCupEmpty_MBWebIs My Cup Empty? Some see the cup as half empty and others see it half full. But what do you do when the cup is empty? In Is My Cup Empty?, Lil’ Sherri, along with some help from her friends, gives a message about optimism. Lil’ Sherri shows that whether a cup, a bowl, or even a heart is empty, what matters most is filling them with good things. This is a simple message with a lot of meaning for children and the children at heart.
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