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New Book Releases!

HotelCuba_MBWebHotel Cuba IMAGINE an island off limits for so many years, a forbidden fruit Americans have been deprived of tasting. Then, the gates open. Imagine that island guaranteeing erotic fantasies with no consequences.
ScatteredShells_MBWebScattered Shells: Hello Homecoming Whoever said high school was easy, must have attended school online. Charlie faces the ups and downs of high school life with the entire social media spotlight surrounding every scene. Why do the head and the heart always seem to disagree? Can any girl ever fall in love without falling head over heels into a ditch? Who decided a girl needs a date to Homecoming anyway? The best love story never written finally comes to life and puts names to all of those awkward moments you felt in the most secretive, annoying, and exciting adolescent world. Charlie, Tyler, and Kayla are three rock solid girlfriends, coming of age and growing stronger, as they help each other maneuver one of the most dramatic places on earth, high school.

Children’s Book Releases!

BishopKangaroo_MBWebBishop and the Kangaroo Meet Bishop, an adventure-loving boy who wears his favorite green boots wherever he goes. They slide on his feet easy as canbe, and quick as a flash he is ready to go. Grab your boots and come along with him to the Outback Kangaroo Farm!
FancyAnansi_MBWebFancy Anansi Anansi the Spider is a trickster character found in many African folktales. In this story, Fancy Anansi takes on a modern approach to life in the twenty-first century where children are raised with technology. Like all folk tales about Anansi the Spider, Fancy Anansi also teaches life lessons.
FarmerDreams_MBWebFarmer Dreams Now later that night in her bed tucked tight, she was safe as a seed when she made her flight to a lush green farm in her dreams so deep, where the rest at night offers peaceful sleep. Where the silver queen corn stalks the sun by day. Where the beans are green and they love to sway in the wind with the peas and their pods and vines, that dangle and jangle and hang like chimes.
FrederickTheParamedic_MBWebFrederick the Paramedic Have your child partner up with Frederick the Paramedic as he responds to the Skateboard Park to help a hurt skateboarder! Together they will check out their ambulance, respond to the emergency, assess and treat their patient, and transport him to the hospital!Your Junior Paramedic will learn about safety awareness, teamwork, first aid, and what happens in a real life emergency–all while engaged in an exciting story with dynamic illustrations!
GameDaysInTheFallAtMizzou_MBWebGame Days in the Fall at Mizzou It’s all about FOOTBALL! From grill irons to gridiron, there’s fun galore! Captured in this book is excitement and more. Bringing together the Mizzou nation, Both young and old, excited generations. The University of Missouri is the site For family, friends, and Tiger delight. From the game’s pageantry to tailgate fun, Game Days in the Fall at Mizzou is a must read for everyone!
Hookem_GDR_AmazonHook ‘Em’s Game Day Rules Come along with Hook ’em as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Hook ’em teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional The University of Texas at Austin way!
NANNY_ME_MBWebNanny and Me Saying goodbye to Mommy and Daddy can be sad, but it means I get to see myspecial friend Nanny. While Mommy and Daddy are at work, Nanny takes care of my brother and me.

“Are you ready to have a fun adventure today?” she asks. I always say yes!

LittleMonkey,BeYou_MBWebLittle Monkey, Be You Get ready to meet Max, a unique little monkey full of quirks. Max has a hard time making friends because he’s a little different. His family reminds him to always be himself, but where will Max’s journey take him?
NowIKnow_MBWebNow I Know This is a unique book about divorce. This helpful, honest, and reassuring book takes the reader into the future—one year after the divorce. The characters, inspired by author Rachel Bernstein’s patients, share their newfound expertise with the reader by expressing feelings, new insights, and helpful tips that have benefitted other kids who have gone through this transition. Readers are invited to express their own thoughts in the journal that is included at the end. Now I Know also honors the fact that every family is different, and children from nearly all kinds of families will feel this book is for them.
ScrappyTeachesTheAlphabet_MBWebScrappy Teaches the Alphabet Scrappy, Kennesaw State University’s mascot, will teach you the alphabet and all about his favorite school: Kennesaw State!
ThereArentMonstersUnderBed_MBWebThere Are Not Monsters Under Your Bed: A Storybook for Skeptical Thinkers Poor Connie is so afraid of monsters. Her brother I.D. refuses to admit that they don’t exist. Will she learn to stop being afraid of imaginary things? It’s a fun storybook for anyone who wants to teach kids to think for themselves.
WhatMakesMeSpecial_MBWebWhat Makes Me Special! What Makes Me Special was created after Lillian was given an assignment at school. It was called “Special Me” and she had a week to show her class all the things that made her special. Lillian has many wonderful attributes, and several were the same as other kindergarteners in her class. It was then that Elizabeth shared with Lillian that she believed what makes a person different from everyone else is, in fact, what makes them special. Thus, this flapping good tale was created about a girl, written by the mom who loves her.
Where'sMy Grandmom,AndWhatDidYouDoWithHer_MBWebWhere’s My Grandmom, and What Did You Do With Her? Other than our parents, our grandparents are two of the most important people in our lives. That loving and nurturing relationship can change drastically with the onset of Alzheimer’s. Told from the perspective of a small child, this book will help children of all ages understand the effects of this disease. Alzheimer’s attacks the mind,memories, and spirit. Read along and learn how to help your loved one feel safe, and most of all to cherish those glimpses of the memories they remember and share from time to time.All author proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Alzheimer’s research.
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