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FrogStory,A_AmazonA Frog Story

“I’m not too young. I’m not too small.
I’m Mighty Frog and I’ll stand tall!”
Itty Bitty frog dreamed a big Frog dream.
Bullies tried to stop him with their sneaky scheme.
Bitty kept believing and helped others believe too.
Now he’s hailed as hero in the land of TCU.






Billy the Bully

Oh No! Billy the Bully is at it again. Tormenting kids and taking their lunches! Will he be this way forever or is there hope for change?







Rainbow Learns to Fly

Rainbow has finally received his beautiful rainbow
wings. Now he can’t wait to fly! How hard can it be?
he thinks to himself. He’s thrilled when his dad tells
him it’s time to learn to fly. Impatience rears its ugly
head again as Rainbow is in a hurry to fly. “These
things take time, Son. You’ll fly soon,” his father tells
him. Follow Rainbow as he learns once again, some
things are worth the wait!




BellaAdvetures_TurnthatFrownUpsideDown_AmazonBella’s Adventures: Turn that Frown Upside Down

Bella is the lead dog on the block in
Puppyville, New Bark State. Bella and
her friend Cuddles help Max focus
on the positives and turn his frown
upside down. Learn along with Max
about why it is important to focus on
positive self-talk.




FloatingContinents_AmazonFloating Continents

Owl woke up early and hooted,
“Hello, everybody. Have you heard of the roaming continents?”
All the animals nearby stopped and came closer. “Oh! Continent?
You mean the ground I am standing on?” asked Fox. “Get serious, Owl.
The Big Bang was one thing, but a whole continent moving is another.”






Want to go on a never-ending magical adventure around the planet and make friends
from all over the world? Then jump on the
Plushky Plane, fasten your seat belt really tight,
and take off on an interactive trip with the World
Friends, also known as the Plushkies!





Lily'sLittleLifeLessons-Lily'sLaces_Spanish_AmazonPoco lecciones Lily de vida con “Cordones de Lily”

Este libro es una edición especial de la serie. Lily está
emocionada de participar en la carrera 5k de la fundación
de NJ Sharing Network pero primero, ella debe aprender el
por qué de la carrera. Mientras Lily se prepara, ella ganará
valiosas lecciones de vida acerca de la familia, comunidad,
ayuda a otros y la importancia de la donación de órganos
y tejidos. El dinero recaudado por los autores, irá a la
fundación de NJ Sharing Network para ayadar con la
misión de salvar y mejorar vidas a través del e milagro de la
donación de órganos y tejidos.



ChristmasGuest,A_AmazonA Christmas Guest

On Christmas Eve, five-year-old Jimmy decides to invite
a stranger, a homeless man he sees on the street, home
to share his family’s Christmas dinner. Join Jimmy and
his parents as an ordinary Christmas dinner becomes a
wonderful, warm memory that they’ll never forget.





DemonDeaconGDR_AmazonDemon Deacon’s Game Day Rules

Come along with Demon Deacon as he takes you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Big Jay and Baby Jay teach manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional Wake Forest University way!






BigJayKansasGDR_MBWebBig Jay & Baby Jay’s Game Day Rules

Come along with Big Jay and Baby Jay as they take you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Big Jay and Baby Jay teach manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional University of Kansas way!






TexasFarmGirlReapWhatYouSow_AmazonTexas Farm Girl: Reap What you Sow

Texas Farm Girl learns from her PawPaw what
Reap What You Sow means when she makes a big mistake on
the farm. The lesson learned from Reap What You Sow can
be applied to all of us so that we can overcome adversity
and Shine Like A Lone Star Pearl.





RoxyTheRoxStar_AmazonRoxy, the RoxStar

Roxy, the RoxStar is a true heartwarming story of a mother dog and her puppies who were saved and rescued. Roxy’s journey from abandonment to an exciting world is filled with ups and downs. It makes us realize that life is a wonderful gift to share.
Roxy, the RoxStar is a true heartwarming story of a mother dog and her puppies who were saved and rescued. Roxy’s journey from abandonment to an exciting world is filled with ups and downs. It makes us realize that life is a wonderful gift to share.
Roxy, the RoxStar is a true heartwarming story of a mother dog and her puppies who were saved and rescued. Roxy’s journey from abandonment to an exciting world is filled with ups and downs. It makes us realize that life is a wonderful gift to share.



Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Grown-ups say some confusing things. How can you have a
chip on your shoulder when there are no snacks anywhere
near you? Without a license or car, how is it possible to
drive someone up the wall? Come along with Beamer and
learn about the real meanings to some silly sayings.





LilaAndTheDandelion_AmazonLila and the Dandelion

Lila is a happy little girl who listens with her heart
and speaks with her hands.
Being deaf doesn’t stop Lila from teaching Dandelion
why he is so important to the world.






Wheresboomer_AmazonWhere’s Boomer?

Boomer is hiding all over the Missouri State University campus. Where could he be? See if you can find him while learning about MSU!







MinnewTheCrescentCityKitty_AmazonMinnew: The Crescent City Kitty

Minnew opened one of her tightly squeezed eyelids and yawned a wide, lazy yawn as she stretched her front leg out to look at her paw. She rolled onto her back in her warm, sheepskin bed. She wasn’t ready to get up. After all, she lived in New Orleans—“The Big Easy.” Minnew is a crescent city kitty who survives on a rooftop during hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever seen. Follow her on her quest to get home when she runs away from the shelter during hurricane Gustov. You will learn about hurricane preparedness along the way.




Thank You for Louisiana State University

Show your gratitude for the sacrifices your family and
friends made to send you to the wonderful Louisiana State
University®. Share with them the sights, traditions, and memories
that made your education so special and worthwhile.
Geaux Tigers®!



Rosie's_Run_AmazonRosie’s Run through Red’s Country

The Cincinnati Reds mascot adventures continue
with a tour of Reds Country! Join Rosie as she travels
to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. This
journey takes her from Great American Ball Park to
Paul Brown Stadium and beyond! Learn along with
Rosie about the home of the best fans around…




JackandZach_AmazonJack and Zach: The Talk of the Town

Jack and Zach: The Talk of the Town is a fun new children’s adventure
featuring two key characters, Jack and Zach, who learn as they
grow to become friends. Written and illustrated by Italian-American
Author and Artist Paul Amelio, the story follows the dynamic mind of
a young boy named Jack who becomes attached to a runt piglet. The
piglet, considered a misfit, was offered to Jack’s mother as a gift in
exchange for her patronage. The excitement begins when the piglet
inadvertently becomes Jack’s illegitimate stepbrother.



Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo’s Saturn Surprise

The rings of Saturn go round and round,
Disappeared one day and could not be found.
To put them back, just take a chance,
And join me in the Saturn Dance!
Meet Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo- 9-year-old girl Super Surgeon on the Go. Born with supernatural powers from electrical
energy, she jets around the Universe fixing problems with her gifted hands. Dr. Dee Dee’s, and cousin Lukas’s, visit to the Island of Positivity Planetarium is interrupted when Gordon the Gullible Globe sounds the alarm that Saturn’s rings have disappeared. Dr. Dee Dee is skeptical but mobilizes her team of assistants and instruments for a mission to Saturn. Oh boy! Is she SURPRISED when she arrives at Saturn!



Tristen’s Small Problem

Have you ever heard of a turtle that
cannot hide in his shell? Or a bat who is
afraid of the dark? Or a tiger who only eats
vegetables? Take a trip with Tristen Turtle
and meet his new friends.





StandRightFreddie_AmazonStand Right Freddie

Poor Freddie was so different from his family and friends; they just didn’t know what to do with him! He tried and tried, but couldn’t fit in. Would they ever learn to just accept him for the flamingo he was or would he have to change himself to be what they wanted?






Ari Loves the Solar System


Join Ari as he explores the solar system and learns about planets, stars, asteroids, spaceships, and much more! Each page is filled with
striking colors and galactic surprises. Enjoy a
magical ride through the galaxy and experience
a journey that will be out of this world!





Our Electric World

Our Electric World tracks the footsteps of a young boy and his dog
as they go on a visual odyssey through today’s exciting and energetic
modern landscape. This story reminds us that electricity is an energy source
that not only helps us warm our homes, charge our phones and power our
toys, but it also moves through the environment all around us. Furthermore,
Our Electric World encourages kids to be bold, brave and BE POSITIVE!



Bentley and the Bathmat


Bentley is a real dog and just like all Golden Retrievers, he carries things in his mouth. His favorite thing to carry is a bathmat.






Sal, Let’s Help

Sal Greene lives in a treehouse with his mommy and daddy. He loves to help around the house because it makes spending time at home more fun. Sometimes, there are tasks he doesn’t find entertaining, but Mommy Greene knows exactly how to change that. Young readers will relate to activities around the house that they either perform or witness on a daily basis. Doing things that Sal does makes cleaning up more fun! Teach your child about simple acts of kindness with Sal Greene.




Introducing Ruby Fairy: The Story of Ruby and Lilley

Once upon a time, there grew a garden
deep in an enchanted forest. The flowers
were the most beautiful flowers anyone
had ever seen. Roses with petals soft as
velvet, dandelions as yellow as the sun,
and violets as purple as the most amazing sunset.
Fairies were born out of these flowers.





Ruby Fairy and the Spider’s Web

Ruby and Buffy play with each other
every day. They have all kinds of
adventures together. Ruby is a
curious fairy and, even though she
doesn’t mean to, she tends to get into
trouble. Buffy is very sweet and smart. He is a good
friend, and he tries really hard to keep Ruby from
getting into too much trouble.




IamASurvivor_AmazonI am a Survivor: Bullying Stops Here

How does the saying go? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well according to that, I should have an Olympic-sized
swimming pool of lemonade. My struggles were long and hard, but I stayed strong and kept smiling.






The Little Parrot and the Angel’s Tears

The little parrot is very small. He’s smaller than his
friend the elephant. He’s smaller than his friend the
deer. He’s even smaller than his friend the rabbit. But
when his friends and home are in danger, the little
parrot decides he has to do something to help. Find out
if the little parrot can save them from a big problem.





KeiraMirror_AmazonKeira in the Mirror

All of us have a curiosity of things we don’t understand at first
glance. Keira is a curious toddler who loves to explore and
discover things, especially about her environment. This is a
delightful story about a child discovering herself in reflections in
everyday situations. Every child can remember a time they were startled by their
own reflection and taking a deeper look into themselves in that
moment. I hope I captured that feeling in this book.



Batter Up!

Did you know bats are amazing animals? For years they have been seen as weird little creatures with no purpose other than to scare us. However, this unique little animal is more useful than you think! How is this weird little creature helpful to us? Read more and find out!






Soap On a Rope

A sparkly red box arrived in the mail.
Foo Man Chew grew excited as he wagged his long tail.
He hoped for a bone, just one, could it be?
They opened the box…and what did they see?

Join Abby and friends as they learn that surprises
Can come in all forms, all shapes, and all sizes.
Not getting what you wish for is no reason to lose hope,
And you just may have fun with a soap on a rope!



AwaitingWintersEnd_AmazonAwaiting Winter’s End

“Winter is coming!” the weatherman said.
What will wild creatures do during the cold months ahead?
Whether they have fur or a shell or fly on their wings,
They all have to keep warm, waiting for spring!




Boomer and Sooner’s Game Day Rules

Come along with Boomer and Sooner as they take you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Boomer and Sooner teach manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional University of Oklahoma way!






Cody the Cloud

Among a big, white fluffy crowd
Lived the tiny Cody the Cloud.
Though he floated high and free,
Cody never felt happy.
When Cody meets the boy on Earth
They learn the value of self-worth.
Don’t let the doubt of others win,
To make a difference, first look within.




CougaMongaMingaManMeetsMaggie_AmazonCougaMongaMingaMan Meets Maggie

In the first book, CougaMongaMingaMan experiences a problem that involves his tail. In Book ll of the Couga series, the cat who rules the house encounters a different kind of trouble. Is sibling rivalry in animals similar to human rivalry? Find out what happens when Couga’s humans bring home a dog.






Finding the Way Home

Chuck is a curious little crane who tends to wander off. When he suddenly finds himself far from home he must rely on his new friends, Michael and Grayson. Will they find the way home? What will become of Chuck if they can’t?






The Adventures of the Beach Boys: Frisco’s Treasure

Join the Beach Boys: Camden, Cruz and Hayden in
this exciting adventure that has pirates, mermaids
and treasure. On this journey, their loving dog
Frisco’s nose leads them to the surprise of their lives.






WelcomeToGodsBalcony_AmazonWelcome to God’s Balcony

Welcome to God’s Balcony. Thomas the Bird, Possum, Charlie, Ollie and Beth, the Clouds, Big John the Giant, and others have been excitedly planning this special day to invite you here for a magical day of fun and storytelling. We can hardly wait to meet you and we promise not to start
until you come.




Itty Bitty Wouldn’t Budge

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm spring day. Itty Bitty,a very large Newfoundland dog, and Nana, her owner, set off on a long walk through their hometown of Maplewood. But when it was time to head back home, Nana was ready and Itty Bitty, well, she had another idea…






Lohri: The Bonfire Festival

Lohri, with its bonfire bright,
is when we sing and dance through the night
Lohri is that colorful and festive time of year
to celebrate with those who are dear.

Join Ajeet and Rakha as they explore their favorite holiday. Lohri: The Bonfire Festival, is a fun-filled and colorful introduction to the winter harvest festival of Punjab, India. Children of all ages will enjoy the rhymes in both English and Punjabi as they learn more about the culture and traditions that have been celebrated this way since the fifteenth century.
The Punjabi within these pages is a fun way to teach kids to read the Gurmukhi script. A Romanized Punjabi transliteration of all pages is at the end of the book to aid in pronunciation.
A fun, multi-lingual rhyming book for children of all ages!


Mimi'sAdventuresInBaking_AmazonMimi’s Adventures in Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

Embark on a baking adventure with Mimi where she will measure, mix, and bake her way to the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies. If Mimi can do it, so can you!







MrGobbleChops_AmazonMr. Gobble Chops and Lady: No More Bullies

Lady is a little kitty struggling to adjust to her new surroundings in the suburbs. To make matters worse, Lady must face Oscar and his gang. Her new best friend, Mr.Gobble Chops, helps her stand up for herself and turn the tables on Oscar and his gang.





My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Boy

My mama shares with me.
My mama cares for me.
My mama teaches me to dream.

My mama plays with me.
My mama stays with me.
My mama loves me all life long.




NottaCupcake_AmazonNotta Cupcake

Inspiration strikes when Lauren works to perfect a gluten-free cake-in-a-mug recipe. Through ups and downs, hard work, and dedication, Lauren and her mom perfect the recipe an d share their Notta Cupcake with everyone!







Stay Positive

Eric’s life changed forever the day he found out he had cancer. He and his family spent twomonths away from home so he could receive treatment. Just when he least expected it, Eric met the person who would change his life and started a nation wide movement.






The Animals’ Secret Krewe

The animals are busy down on the bayou
making plans and preparations for their secret Krewe.
Discover their secret and join in the fun!
There’s much to be had before the day’s done!






BravestRescuePuppy,The_AmazonThe Bravest Rescue Puppy

Zena is a rambunctious little puppy who struggles to find a home. Not only does Zena find the perfect family, but her true calling as well. Join Zena in her adventure of becoming the bravest rescue puppy.






GreatDanburyStateFair_AmazonThe Great Danbury State Fair A to Z

There is a certain time of the year in Connecticut when the end of summer meets the beginning of fall. You can sense and smell the change in the air. You didn’t need a calendar to know that it was time for the fair. The Great Danbury State Fair was one of the best fairs in America. For one week a year, for 113 years, it was the social, cultural, and economic event for miles around. It was fun for the whole family!






Willie the Wildcat’s Game Day Rules

Come along with Willie the Wildcat as he take you through a game day filled with fun! Along the way, Willie the Wildcat teaches manners and good sportsmanship in the traditional Northwestern University way!


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